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Yesterday were again 3 or 4 German parties. Two were big with each about 40 people. The others just 10 or 5. We couldn't decide where we wanted to stay. First we were at Tosca but then got aware that Richi is doing music also. Of course, Richi let us stay with his dark wave music. His repertoire is big and he is an origin "Hamburger Jung", like I'm "Hamburger Deern" ;-) . But Richi was before DJ of the other "grid union" and now changed sides? Why? We just followed the music we like and don't prefer any "grid union". We like them all and have no prejudices. One feels as if you have to decide for one of them. This is not good. This produces bad feelings.
Why the heck isn't it possible to talk with each other and cooperate to have one really big party with 80 or 100 people on each day? The week has 7 days. Why competing all the time? For what? I can't understand it. For me the people on both big parties are similar ticking. Both "grid unions" are on same wavelength. This shows also that Richi was first in the one "grid union" and now in the other "grid union"
For me it is not to understand what's that all about.