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This is probably going to cause some comments but its how the ILY Team feel today.

As the wife of the person who bankrolls nearly $1000 a year for us/you to all play in I Love You, funds the radio stations and the IT Team that keep our self hosts running ... could I please ask you all to play nicely otherwise the bank will be closed and I Love You will shut down.

I have seen comments over the last few weeks that make me think that my 9 year old daughter has more sense than some of the adults in OS..

Good Manners are the key - if you receive a TP request to another location and you are busy then either ignore the TP request or send an IM saying "Sorry I am busy".

If someone offers you free land on a Grid ask a couple of questions - how long has the grid been going, is it safe from vanishing and does it have a proper web address. Princess Alex (who has been working in OS since it was first released) was explaining to us how easy it is to web domain that can be directed to a laptop under a bed which will run a grid and a single sim BUT wont be able to have multiple VAR sims and 40 Avatars .... how long will the laptop keep running? How slow will the connection be?  Just think before you agree to set your home somewhere.

OpenSimWorld (OSW) is a great place but people clamour to be #1 ... we are pleased when we hit #1 on the Live Board sometimes but being #1 isnt why we should be here ... we are here for fun, friendship and to build. It is easy to get to #1 on OSW by bringing on ALTS .. but what is the point in this? You end up talking to yourself just to get to #1 on the leader board.

Finally (and most difficult to word) - We have no problem with clothed childlike people being with other clothed childlike people in a Moderate sim, BUT if an clothed adultlike person is with the clothed childlike person we have the start of a major issue. The next stage is the naked childlike and naked adultlike engaging in sexual activity. If this is reported by online moderators (myself, Malik and Bethany)  then the offending avatars will be ejected from ILY and banned from ILY, their ip address reported to the Zeta Owners with a request that they are banned from Zeta. So far we have reported and banned 4 avatars over 1 year but we seem to be seeing more childlike people landing on ILY - just be warned we are always on line for a reason - to keep things safe and legal for everyone. We are emailed whenever ANYONE lands on ANY ILY land and we check if we havent seen the avatar before. We also keep a log of all arrivals and we have done since the first day ILY opened so if you want to know when you first came here just ask.


Have fun ....

Love Karen Mansour