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Georgetown's Christmas build contest is ON! Open to ALL grids. The red squares on the ice is where you put your entry. Please keep your build inside your own square. What to build? A Christmas "scene" of your choosing. You don't have to make each piece, but you will need to put it together from your own imagination. It can be anything! Gingerbread house, Snowglobe, Snowmen, winter scene of any kind. Your imagination is the limit. Try to not use super glowy, laggy items please, and as low prim as you can. When you land at welcome, the area is towards the East on the ice. Builds can be put up until Dec. 15th. Voting starts anytime so the sooner the better. We will choose the top 3 by the most votes as of 12 noon grid time on December 20th. Come show us your stuff and have fun!