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Server version: Caprica (opensimulator compatible)
HG: Yes. With no restrictions
Robust, Link Regions: Yes
Capacity of regions: 15000 prims each
Regions: 5 in start instance. Extensible. With the ability to add new unlimited regions at an additional cost.
Self-hosted regions link: Yes
SizeX,Y,Z of regions = 256 each in start instance or 1xVAR + 1×256
Terraforming: Yes
Land resell : Yes
Godmode: Full
Economy: On request
VoIP: Yes
Groups: Yes
NPC: Yes
Environmental Enhancements: Yes
Web Interface: Yes
Avatars registration: Yes
Domain name: S1 second level domain. The ability to add a client’s domain: yes, on request. Domain registration for a client: upon request at an additional cost.

Backup: every 3 day, automatic + emergency backups on request
Automatic scheduled restart: daily
Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the server, automatic recovery after an emergency stop.
Automatic notification of backups and reboots of the region to the email address: On request.
Technical support: Full in S1 Client Dashboard.
Linux-based servers only