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We are OFFICIALLY open !! All our EVENTS are held at the I LOve YOu Events Village (iloveyougrid.net:8002:I Love You Events Village) - see you there!!

The I LOve You family welcomes YOu All - 1000 sims full of Love, Peace Tranquility and Sharing - one of the largest and most Loved places in OpenSimulator. Others grids and estates vanish at short notice but we remain as a testament to the dedication of the ILY team and our many residents who are sticking with us.

FREE LAND for I Love You Residents - we have 20+ islands most around 20k sq m all with access to the I Love You Ocean - and a FREE Condo is given to ALL Residents on the Private I Love You 3 Residential Estate. Adults Only!

Connected to the I Love You Ocean with access from all regions, the "I Love You" estates comprises of I Love You 1 (Clubs, Events and Residents Housing), I Love You 2 (Guests and Residents Housing), I Love You 3 ( Nudist Beach and Free to use Holiday Homes) and I Love You Oceanside and I Love You 4 (free to moor marinas and islands).

The new extension of I Love You (5,6 and 7) are open for all - why not drive the full length of the Sunset Strip - over 3km - or take the train following the coast all the way!!

All are the places to be to relax and enjoy all the sights and sounds we offer. Dance venues in some of the most scenic places in the World.

Events held on Tuesday, Saturdays and Sundays in I Love You - Welcome shop and Superstore open for all. Sailing and jet ski's at the various marinas.

Our ethos is "Love, Peace, Sharing and Tranquilty" and all residents live that lifestyle here.

100% Clothes Optional Everywhere apart from the Mosque.

We do not accept child like avatars within I LOve YOu.

ILU Teleporters all over the place - you will never get lost!!

100% Non Commercial - 100% Clothes Optional - 100% Fun!!

Our Opensim Social Network is open to all at http://www.iloveyouclub.net and our radio streams at http://www.iloveyougrid.net/radio/ - all available 24/7/365 on your pc, laptop, tablet or phone!!! Enjoy!!

We are looking for DJ's and Hosts who can utilise our many clubs themeselves for their weekly events - start in a small club and work up to the big ones. All have easy access DJ Booths to change to your radio stream .... prefer out of peak grid hours so our American and Australian friends can party at sensible times for them instead of peak Noon Grid times. IM Debz or Bobbi Fox or me for details!!

Cracking Good Night at the Mansour Hotel and Sky Bar with DJ Jim - Classic Rock and that deep sexy voice!!


Trucker Jim mobile DJ
18 wheels heโ€™s on his way
Live in ILY today
All the way from USA
Classic rock is mix tonight
Jim will play for your delight

IM Bobbi or Debz Fox for uber or take cable car from ILY #1 welcome area

Thank You All for making us #1 on OSW again - we just keep going in Love, Peace and Tranquility. Huge thanks to the Team who run ILU and Princess Alex and DJ Henk for the music tonight xxxxxxx

DJ Princess Alex is doing a warm up for DJ Henk .... just TP into the ILU Grid and join the fun.

Our grand opening is at noon on the 10th January 2023

Lets your balls jingle, Let your rings be covered in tinsel
DJ Henk plays the Topless/Bottomless Club on I Love You
With a special Festive Music Mix
We might even find the odd Reindeer wandering about ....
Adults ONLY at this venue ....

I Love You Zeta is still there for 5 days .... well some of it ....

Lone Wolf: Is everything ok? 3 months ago

First Full Party - the Apres Ski at the Ice Mountain Club - great turn out and a great time is being had by all ....

Bobbi Fox: Our first event on new grid and we are jump ing ...come see for yourself xx 4 months ago

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Safinemahoe2 I do not make it as often as I would like, but I love You has probably become my favorite go to place for a weekend dance. Why? Well the answer is very simple.....the people! I notice one person here made a comment about 99% of people are bots. This person has no Clue! Let me shar...
Suzy St Free land, friendly people and no need for clothes. what's not to like ?
Funara 99% avatars that are afk (or npc)

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NO NPC's tonight!! We are OPEN and getting full already - OSW cant keep up lol