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DJ/events/Classic Rock, love music, building, hanging with Hell Hound and friends

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7 1 grid.escape2reality.org:8002:Gilley's 0 Users
Awesome Country style Club, classic country and rock tunes, friendly people, dancing, occasional contests and events, sploder etc
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Rockin Robin
5 2 grid.escape2reality.org:8002:Rockin Robin 0 Users
Awesome oldies Diner with A Twist, 50's/60's Music, classic old-time rock n roll. Good music, awesome people, sploder, occasional contests, and trivia!
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1 0 theedgeofreality.ddns.net:8882: 0 Users
A 50's Diner with a twist. Original 50's and 60's tunes, contests, trivia, sploder, dancing and fun.
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Join us tonight!!

Join us Monday!!

Please join us for awesome mix of classic rock and country!!

Classic Rock , will be playing all classic 50's and 60s and celebrating Ozzmosis Ozzy's Birthday, good tunes, requests, sploder some trivia and hope to see you there!

I hope you will join us Tuesday, the 12 at 5 pm grid time, I, DJ Purr will be spinning a classic rock, country mix, and requests are always welcome..

Region name changes and beacon stops
My region Five O'Clock Somewhere has a beacon or hacker problem? When I go to opensim I find my region coming up as Cirrus and it says GCG. I reset the key etc, but the problem keeps reocurring. How can the name of my Region and grid be changing and what should I do?

Purrfectt Katt
Region changes name aMy region Five OClock Somewherend grid
My region Five O'Clock Somewhere on Dynaic Worldz grid has a beacon. The Key is saved in the beacon. It keeps going off and ppears on Opensim as Cirrus on the GCG grid. It has my info and pics for the regio. While I could delete the region with ne beacon and readd, I would lose all my likes and have to redo pics etc? Is there a way to fix this very irritating problem? The above pic is Five O'Clock Somewhere..

Purrfectt Katt