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The "Manchester Wild Child" is finally tamed and married ......

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Married, Mother, Wife, Lover, Live in North Africa

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Party in RL

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Frankly I dont give a shit!

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Most Things - Love North African music

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Casablanca - anything old and romantic

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50 Shades of Grey

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My Husband - he is our life


MacBook Pro - cos husband bought me it ❤️❤️❤️

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I Love You Worlds End South
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Connected to the entire I Love You Grid via Vast Oceans - this is the cold East but you can head West and arrive at the warm I Love You!! Sailing time from East to West is unknown as no one has done the crossing yet, but on the way visit The Canary Islands, Bobbiland, Picnic and all the other I Lov...
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I Love You 3
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Free Housing Condos for Everyone - Make it your private holiday home - No Rent - Ban Lines OK - No restrictions on length of stay.
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The Love Islands
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The Original Hiddendesires Sim has been found and is back online!! Since 2017 we have been waiting for it ... found on a memory stick after the earthquake in Morocco !! Enjoy!
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I Love You 5
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I Love You Residential Bring your own, Rent one of ours, From Mansions to Tents on the beach. Residents Club G$ and Voice NO CHILD AVATARS in PUBLIC AREAS PLEASE - Ban Lines ALLOWED.
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Sea of Tranquility
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100% Clothes Free, Liberated, Naturist Island with stunning sunsets. Beach Club open to all - lots of places for couples and groups to have fun - Nude Sailing with our boats, safe moorings, fully accessible from all over I Love You Grid - Hypergrid and G$ enabled. Weekly Parties planned at the b...
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I Love You
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The I LOve You family welcomes YOu All - over1700 sims full of Love, Peace Tranquility and Sharing - one of the largest and most Loved places in OpenSimulator. Others grids and estates vanish at short notice but we remain as a testament to the dedication of the ILY team and our many residents who ar...
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All - Earthquake in Marrakesh Update 10/09/23

We have moved from our badly damaged home in Marrakesh to the capital Rabat - our power/broadband/telephone is very patchy but I have managed to make contact with Alex (Princess Alex), who will run the ILU side of things with Bobbi Fox, while we assess damage and living arrangements for the family.

Its just been announced over 2000 deaths and hundreds of injured - one close friend hasnt made it but he pulled his parents out of their wrecked family home.

Please pray for us and all those affected by this disaster.

We will see you all soon I hope.

Debz, Malik, Karen and Bethany Mansour

PinDeluca: This is just terrible ... My heart is with you. You Never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice. Take courage. God Bless you all. We will all meet again soon XXX 5 months ago

Open for land sales NOW - from G$0 a month to G$1000 a month

To our residents and visitors

Last week ILY went offline due to a power supply failure that took out the motherboard and corrupted the main database of our server. We have now replaced the server and have got some of the grid back up and running from a back up. ILY 1 is now running and all those who had parcels on that region will have them replaced over the next few days.

We have replaced our broken server with one with a slightly higher spec, however the server had not faulted - it was zapped by high volts when the UPS failed during an Electricity Network High Voltage Fault in Manchester.

Sadly we have not been able to recover the database though we are continuing to try and repair it. That means we cannot recover the individual inventories of our residents and our residents will need to make new avatars.

Going forward our backups will be done to The Cloud instead of too our 2nd Network Server - this has added extra cost and increased security to the grid.

All those who have bought land from us will get equivalent sized parcels back and will get 6 months free rent as compensation.

We will need to rebuild the islands on ILY2. Sadly it is unlikely we will be able to rebuild ILY3 so we will not be replace the holiday homes that some of you had. We will in time build a new holiday home region.

It may be a couple of weeks before normal service is restored but we WILL be back and we hope you will stay with us.

Love Debz, Bobbi and all at I Love You
We are currently offline due to a power supply failure that has taken out the motherboard and corrupted the main database - normal service will be resumed shortly once we have sourced a new water cooled server - we WILL be back!!

Opening Very Soon - Watch out for details

LeonitasLionheart: droolz xD 7 months ago


Tonight Henk plays another mix
Rockin toons exciting licks
Beat is loud n beat is fast
Gonna be a total blast
And a quiz when all is done
Lots of gloebits to be won
so come to I LOve YOu tonight
Evening will be outtasight

IM Bobbi or Debz Fox for uber
Join our VL social network

Server Upgrade Completed - 58 minutes !! Thanks everyone for your patience - bit of a panic this morning !!



Cracking Good Night at the Mansour Hotel and Sky Bar with DJ Jim - Classic Rock and that deep sexy voice!!


Trucker Jim mobile DJ
18 wheels he’s on his way
Live in ILY today
All the way from USA
Classic rock is mix tonight
Jim will play for your delight

IM Bobbi or Debz Fox for uber or take cable car from ILY #1 welcome area

Coming soon - the I Love You Events Village - 4 venues in a stunning low lag region - watch out for the opening! This will be something special - all the best clubs in Opensim in one place.

OSW reports 6 AVI's ... we have 12 !! And not one NPC or BOT!!

Pagane: Always make sure you have the latest version of the Beacon. And make sure you activate beacon properly (notecard is easy, but not best solution) 1 years ago

Thank You All for making us #1 on OSW again - we just keep going in Love, Peace and Tranquility. Huge thanks to the Team who run ILU and Princess Alex and DJ Henk for the music tonight xxxxxxx

DJ Princess Alex is doing a warm up for DJ Henk .... just TP into the ILU Grid and join the fun.

I Love You Grid - Grand Opening 10th January 2023
10AM - 12 Grid - Princess Alex at the Arena
12Noon - 3pm - DJ Henk at the Topless/Bottomless Beach Club

Over 18's ONLY - No Child Avatars

Our grand opening is at noon on the 10th January 2023

Sending our Love and Peace to You All

Tonight 1PM Grid Time - Princess Alex plays Playing for Change at the I Love You Arena Main Stage - 2 Hours of great music from these international musicians - 20th Year and still going strong.

I Love You Zeta is still there for 5 days .... well some of it ....

Lone Wolf: Is everything ok? 1 years ago
Lets your balls jingle, Let your rings be covered in tinsel
DJ Henk plays the Topless/Bottomless Club on I Love You
With a special Festive Music Mix
We might even find the odd Reindeer wandering about ....
Adults ONLY at this venue ....

First Full Party - the Apres Ski at the Ice Mountain Club - great turn out and a great time is being had by all ....

Bobbi Fox: Our first event on new grid and we are jump ing ...come see for yourself xx 1 years ago

yay! back from the dead!

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My daughter visited the welcome area, no one said a word to her then she was banned - nice welcome - thanks !


Lets get one thing straight Pagane - on your grid you have a screen shot from I Love You with 4 avatars ringed - these are NOT alts - they are the people (a) who own the grid, (b) are working on the grid, (c) are in different countries and (d) were sitting in the welcome area discussing plans. We have your visit logged, like all visits to our grid. I suggest you get your facts right and do not tar...

Club Escotia

This is one place worth visiting ... we love going there ... Music is awesome, Sets are brilliant, Lighting out of this world .... and the staff and dj's so professional (and cute)!! Go once and you will go lots!! Thanks Clan and Everyone!!!! Debz xxxx

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