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***This region is a fan art recreation***
The mages of Azeroth have been working overtime to transport their jeweled city to opensim. intense amounts of magical power are at work and slowly bringing this amazing floating city to KinkyHaven, where we'll add our own special touches. THIS WILL BE AN ADULTS ONLY REGION, YOUR AVATAR MUST APPEAR TO BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.
*** Although still under construction, the city build is now open.
we are working to fill the buildings with things to do***
Please find the teleport crystal located in the ground level chapel to get to the city properly.

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Freya I don't normally post reviews on regions that my partner has made because that would make me bias lol, but after all of the hard work she's put into this region, I couldn't help myself, I'm so proud of her the region is looking amazing if you like WOW or even just want to see something a bit differe...
Glenys Bieler This looks seriously awesome! Sure the assets came from the wow client but getting them into a region in OS must have been a labour of love! The RP possibilities are endless! Great Job!
Trizzy Hunter I have to agree with Brenden Dalaran is the Bomb and having played World of Warcraft for many years I can say with all honesty this is one of "THE" best recreations I have seen the Dalaran in the game and now the Opensim version compare to the "T" with just a few minor adjustmnets. Excellent work an...

Region Comments

Trizzy Hunter 3 months ago
Well made my visit today and just 2 words to describe this region ..... "SPOT ON"
Froot Loops 3 months ago
awww hugs and stuff, thank you for your kind words, it means alot to me.
Trizzy Hunter 4 months ago
Having played WOW for many years this is an awesome recreation of my favorite city.