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The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Fridays 6 pm PST DJ Esse for your favorite 70's and 80's DISCO music

WOW Number 1.. thank you every one for making this the BEST 5pm Sunday party..

I do not have a you must be this tall to come here sign.. so height is not the reason you get banned if your in a child and teenagers avatar.. its because your avatar is is just not suited to this adult environment.. and I refuse to be called a pedo by allowing you at any of my events.. go back t the grid you came from and have your own party there.. but no one in a child avatar is allowed ot party with us grown up and no Im not 7 feet tall in fact im very short myself, but I have a shape body and skin that makes me look like an adult..

Started Early tonight due to a cancellation, so hop on over and relive your youth, or live that your parents did..

just started and its filling up, come on down and enjoy some beautiful music.

thank you to every one who came out tonight.. have a great week see you Thursday at the Ballroom!!

just a reminder.. this is an ADULT GRID, and an ADULT REGION.. that means no child avatars or children allowed.. it you think you have been wrongfully ejected and banned message me here and plead your case.. but if you look 12 you are a child avatar

Leeloo: look the woman sizes in the world and realise 1m55 is for lots country a adult sizes woman , NOT A CHILD I not see any woman with 2 meter ;) enjoy ... 9 days ago

come on Down.. still space for you and the 80's are rocking

still time and room for you.. come on down

thank you every one who came out for TGIF DISCO tonight..

oh lots here but still room for you.. come on down, cause you dont wanna miss a thing

RuSandals: lol 17 days ago

still have some room for you at the Best Disco in Town

thank you every one who came out and enjoyed the music today.. hugs to you all

Great night at Fetish Factor, come join us

MidnightRain Glas: Great night and good tunes...Glad Nyx and I came on time... 27 days ago

lots of time and space.. come on down and enjoy a nice rock set

thank you every one for coming out tonight still have some time if you wan tot join us!

Johnny Rebel: I have not went to a social in.... many moons? I get invites at times, but kinda introvert, or feel rough n miss them. haha! :x Not sure why, but decided to go to an event last night. Yours popped up.... 1 month ago

still time and a lot of room for you.. come on down.. cause you dont wanna miss a thing

ClanEscotia: clan - whit's a bahookie lol 1 month ago

still time and room for you to join us

thanks every one for coming..hugs you all for the support

thank you every one who came back to the 60's Love songs with me.. It was fun and thanks Galadriel for doing the Carlton to Tom Jones

thank you every one who came out tonight.. YOU ROCK

its Love Song Thursday and you can come and fall in love with the music..

Still have some time before we end the 80's set tonight.. come on down,

on the Animals here are hot.. come on down the music is great

so you turn around and you see a wall with posters those are your portals to the locations.. Thursday 1pm in the Ballroom , Friday 6pm at TGIF, Sunday at the Fetish Factor at 5pm.. now please no more falling to your death in man eating bushes ( which I dont have)

So you landed in the welcome room and now where do I go oh you see a sign on the wall welcoming you to the Complex, it also says turn around to see the portals

its time to put on your boogie shows and come see the action .. word of warning wait in the welcome center I will offer a TP or message me so cause you cant map to the dots with out falling to your death.. radars help land on my head.. but you will miss the platform they are not all at the same height..

I am sure we can fit in a few more on the dance floor.. come enjoy your favorite Love Songs and Rock Ballads

oh the bunny's are here and enjoying the music.. lots of room left

Enjoying a nice Thursday Afternoon at the Trianon Ballroom.. come join us

the floor is now open and has room for you.. come on down to the Fetish Factor

its a disco inferno

thank you every one who came out to the Fetish factor tonight.. the covers where good.. most of

Every one is enjoying the 70's love songs, and you can too lots of room left

Come on Down.. the floor has been opened up.. lots of room for you

oh we Burned the place down tonight.. looking for something to do....still 40 minutes come on down

a nice crowd for the Love Songs, still have room on the dance floor for you

lot sof time and room left on the dancefloor.. come on down and have some hair band fun!!!

you should be dancing yeah!!!!1

still have a lot of room for you on the dance floor

I want to thank every one who was out tonight for the 90's set.. see you again next week.. and dont forget to drink your quota of green beer.

thank you every one who come out to TGIF Disco night on the Trianon Complex..

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Johnny Rebel This is a cool club. It is flawlessly built. Ya'll did good. Nice folk to. Thank you for sharing. ^^
Derrybeg Arabello Essensual, each of your venues are beautifully and professionally done. I always enjoy my time there, great dj'ing and awesome tunes. You Rock!! Hugs, Derry
Charlene McNally Can't get there always land in a room waited several minuets no board to click to get to the club. I used the map to try and tp to the club all I do is fall n fall.

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Johnny Rebel 1 month ago
Forgot to say in my review. SWEET tunes to. :)
Victor DeAngelo 3 months ago
Beautiful and classy ballroom...loved it!
Arya Paul 6 months ago
Just visited the Trianon Ballroom for the first time, and it is absolutely stunning! Superb attention to every detail. Just an outstanding build. Can't wait to attend an event there! Now, where did I leave my dancing shoes........
Essensual 6 months ago
it was a pleasure showing you around.. cant wait till you come for a dance
Craig Denimore 7 months ago
Think you're gonna need a bigger club. And I don't mean the ballroom :)
Essensual 6 months ago
changed my mind and started working on it.. but I might wait till I move up to the 2x2 to install it.. needs some special scripting
Essensual 7 months ago
I guess I can start building after christmas