Phantom Rose Steam

Phantom Rose Steam
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This is my homage to Jules Verne and Steampunk. Fantasy Victorian theme, where you will take the balloon elevators at the Tower to visit the Steam Phantom Rose Opera House, Conservatory and the Royal Observatory. There are steam powered balloons to use to explore the beautiful landscape and buildings. Don't miss the water powered working Clock! There are steam powered boats to use to explore the waterways. The beautiful, haunting Ruins with romantic music is a great date place. Or for my gothic friends, there is the Graveyard, accessible via a steam elevator. Once there you might look for the access to the creepy caverns, where danger awaits. Use a boat to visit Mysterious Island, do the Adventure Quest for a great gift, but beware of the dinosaurs! Mer folk have not been forgotten. Steam is home to Mermaids of the Mists, originally a group and area I developed at Second Life. This one with a subtle steampunk flair! There are also legal freebies and unique gifts from Lannorra Sion and Tenshi Engel.

Phantom Rose Steam. View of the main square with the tower. The Opera house is on the first tower level, accessed via a balloon elevator. The Royal observatory and the conservatory are on the 2nd tower level, also accessed via a balloon elevator. From the 2nd level of the tower you can take a hot air balloon and do an aerial survey of the entire 2x2 Region. Get maps at the region welcome center!
Mysterious Island Adventure is open! Take passage from the main dock next to the welcome area, to Mysterious Island! Survive the shipwreck and scale the rocks to find the inner lush jungle. But beware of the Dino's! Cross treacherous paths to find the Tiki camp. You will see the Adventure Scroll with information on this exciting quest. Will you have the courage to face a T-Rex as you cross the jungle? Can you figure out where the hidden cave is? Follow the clues and earn your reward!

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