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3RG Amusement Park
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Situated on a 3x3 Var region, Lazy River Amusement Park has so much to see and do with 23 thrilling rides and a game pavilion housing 30 table games. One could easily spend the whole day having fun with friends. Make sure you grab a souvenir ticket as you come in the front gate. You can then walk around leisurely or go to one of the many teleport boards and tp from attraction to attraction.

Some highlights of the park are :

A dizzying rocket ship ride through outer space
2 motor speedways , one up a mountain , the other is a challenging ground based speedway. Both have choices of rezzable vehicles.
Test your skill in our huge bumper car arena which doubles as a skating rink . You can click the floor to change from Ice to wood with your choice of free ice skates or Rollerblades all fully animated.
We have many water rides, but the largest one is the Lazy River Tubing excursion. Grab an innertube or raft from our rezzer and leisure float down the natural river which spans over most of the 3x3 Var.
We also have an Olympic size swimming pool full of animations, which also includes a working hot tub, Diving board and Water slide. For the sun lover we have plenty of space around the pool perimeter to catch some rays and work on your avi tan !
We are planning our Grand Opening Celebration to coincide with 3RG's 11th Birthday which will be on Saturday September 7th from 9am - 6pm grid time. There will be live entertainers, DeeJays, a mini hunt through out the park for great prizes and of course random giveaways so come on out and lets have some fun!

Torben will be doing a special show for us today in honor of the grid's 11th Birthday.
He will be performing his show at 3RG Amusement Park at the music venue so come on out and see how he lights up the forest and waterfalls with his outstanding particle show and serenades us with his ethereal music.


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Event begins: in 4 hours : 7 Sep 2019 09:00 SLT

It's been 11 years since 3RD Rock Grid first opened its doors and we're celebrating in high style this year by having our birthday celebration at our newly built Lazy River Amusement Park from 9am - 6pm grid time! We're planning a full day of live entertainment, lots of rides, games, prizes . The park is situated on a 3x3 Var region so the music will be heard on every part of the region which will give everyone the fr

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Zoe Synclair Great fun! I especially enjoyed the Colossus roller coaser - an intricate masterpiece in my opinion.
Thoria Millgrove A tour de force by Rhia! This place is amazing, and a great place to explore and have fun.
Bolle aus Berlin Der beste Vergnügungspark in der gesamten Virtuellen Welt - dazu nette Leute und gute Musik.

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Caladium 2 years ago
TY.Dog 2 years ago
Great amusements , a fantastic job done by Rhia and Tek!
Party is rocking right now :)
Dolfke Barbosa 2 years ago
The park is really amazing, Rhia did a great job. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Rhiannon Morgan 2 years ago
Thank you :)