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Dog Land
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Dog Land (Club & Live events) where stray dogs and pack members meet to have fun.
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A Dogs Life Club, 3hour Special.
Where: Dog Land
When: 2 years ago [13 Sep 2019 12:00 SLT]

Special event will be held weekly to help a NO KILL DOG SHELTER.
DJ's Jin and Shelenn spinning some tracks you might never have heard, this is a surprise night .
Please come over , get involved in helping DOGS by joining our group, members will decide which shelter is in need most.
A NC will be sent to all members explaining how this will work.

Regions and Beacon

How can I add my region to the Opensim Beacon teleporter?

A Dogs Life (club) Grand Opening!
Where: Dog Land
When: 2 years ago [6 Sep 2019 12:00 SLT]

4 Hours non stop surprise music spun by 2 Fantastic DJ's.
DJ > SHELENN will be Opening our club with a 2h special.
DJ > ROSA.ALEKSEEV will pick up bringing you more surprises spinning tunes you will LoVe all the way from Brazil.
Proceeds to club tip jar will be accumulated to support a
NON KILL DOG SHELTER of our group members choice.

Hypergrid Beacon teleporter
Can someone help please?
I have tried for 2 days to set up the open sim hypergrid TP, I followed all instructions exactly but when I paste my key and click submit nothing happens and I have message above the TP board saying Not Initialized.

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