3RG Amusement Park


Torben will be doing a special show for us today in honor of the grid's 11th Birthday.
He will be performing his show at 3RG Amusement Park at the music venue so come on out and see how he lights up the forest and waterfalls with his outstanding particle show and serenades us with his ethereal music.


Region: 3rg Amusement Park
Event begins: in 4 hours : 7 Sep 2019 09:00 SLT

It's been 11 years since 3RD Rock Grid first opened its doors and we're celebrating in high style this year by having our birthday celebration at our newly built Lazy River Amusement Park from 9am - 6pm grid time! We're planning a full day of live entertainment, lots of rides, games, prizes . The park is situated on a 3x3 Var region so the music will be heard on every part of the region which will give everyone the fr