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Working on finding people job search and getting them education information for career planning.

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If you are interested in having us on your grid please inquiry today. We currently have an embassy on the 3rd Grid Rock, OSGrid, NeverWorldGrid, Virtual-DreamGrid opensim central focus.

OpenSim Grids Held Post: 3rd Grid Rock, OSGrid, DigiWorldz, NeverWorldGrid, Speculoos, Sacrarium24, thekazgrid, Virtual-Dream, Virtual Ville, WestWorld, ZetaWorlds

SecondLife: Interested in education, diplomacy and civil rights campaigns.

Thank you for looking. May you have a pleasant day.

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Français Ambassade de chemin dans la résidence Virtual-Dream Grille (137, 102, 22) (Les notecards sont réservés à notre projet visant à aider les gens à discuter des aspects métiers, à échanger des compétences et à les adapter pour trouver de meilleurs moyens, car nous ne pouvons garantir l...
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Aspen Homesites
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pathway embassy in NeverWorldGrid (NWG) (Notecards are reserved for our project aimed to help people discuss job aspects, trade skills and adapt them to find better means, as we can not guarantee success, it is earned as you placed the importance on your investment. (287,242,22) Join our mo...
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