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A smaller version of Coll, now hosted on Alternate Metaverse Grid. A collection of things from all over the place, organised so you can find things easily. Most clothing is costume or roleplay. Large collection of buildings. Useful scripts. Enjoy :D

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Star Ravenhurst This is the best-organized freebie shopping place I have ever seen making it easy to find what you are looking for and I found a lot of things I didn't even know I needed! Every area is clearly labeled which I found to be a big help as I was looking for something specific. Sadly, I am still on the ...
PinDeluca I Just love this place - it is always my go to when i am looking for things. Really great selection of the best that our open sim worlds have to offer. Big thank you to squirrel
SamaraBop This is one of my favorite spots to shop, everything is well organized the items look lovely, and the region is speedy. Thank you for providing us all such a lovely spot :)

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Enter the HG address in the map message comes up no regions found with that name I tried from several grids including outworldz and nothing
Sorry the grid has not been up for a while now, I did share the file with a friend, who had the shop running on his grid, but he has stopped running that one now too. I still have the file, so maybe one day it will be resurrected.
The love that went into making this sim shows with every little detail, I am SO impressed. Plus the quality of the items to copy is first rate. Well done Racci.
The visit was so enchanting. Simply beautiful . Love it all !!!! So glad I found you
Love to visit the lands that Racci makes as they are always Beautiful and well laid out and lots of attention to details. Thank You for allowing us to come vist your lands :)
ya but your name is Italianmeat.
I love it. I am glad I found you.