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Paul Nowles -Live Guitar & Vocals at Bedlam Boys Thursday 7/15 5-6 PM

Paul Nowles is a Virtual Entertainer, Vocalist, musician, songwriter, and performer. Classic Rock & local music from Cleveland, Memorable tunes from New Jersey & Original music created by Paul Nowles and friends, and timeless rock classics from all over the world.
Come hear music you have not heard in a long time, or something you
may be hearing for the first time. Music to bring back memories or make
new ones.

Paul is an exceptionally great talent! Don't miss him at Bedlam boys Tavern every other Thursday evening 5-6 pm- Alternate Metaverse grid!

I am looking for a particular house I used to have it when I was on the Canadian Grid which closed - I cannot remember where i got it but here is a pic if anyone can help me locate this house it would make me very happy thank you for reading :)