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Another super 'Big' House just been added at snoodle world together with many other different items, for those of you that did not know ? snoodle world has now moved servers and are now hosted at Digiworld so the new address is ....... World ......... the Grid layout is different as well, you can now walk to the Welcome center, Car Racing track, the sandbox and the Mall, visit the welcome center for many Free cloths and other items or of course snoodle world and snoodle Megga world for furniture, Horror items such as Zombies, Skeletons, and many other gross items lol and of course the bigger types of Houses. There is a multitude of things to look at and to get all Free of course so why not come and pay us a visite, or even better still come and join us and become part of our Family i a NO Drama grid :-)

johnboy posted 2 months ago by johnboy


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