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wicked yesterday
Still -amazing - Been a while .. went to another event and still Just as awesome and welcoming.. The music was off the hook good! 7-9-2020
Becca Kershaw 1 month ago
I am sadden by the news of DJ Gertie passing away on 6-5-2020 I want to express my sorrow for the passing of Gertie we were friends for a very long time not only in OpenSim but also in SL and in Inworldz she was a wonderful person and will be sadly missed by all~ RIP my dear Friend my our paths cross again in an other place!
Copper 4 months ago
Oh..Becca.. Didnt know you were a bunch of Lesbos ( I never said that to anyone---reader pls see review)...Copper homophobic? mm... This is just your impression by not understanding what I said in IM. But turning words ..or misunderstandings around..after all this time..just speaks for itself. So.. keep your .45 colt under your pillow ...and be happy with what your offense regarding to what you say...and what you realy are..I can only feel sorry for you. All the best going thru with this
Becca Kershaw 4 months ago
I would like to say to the Open Sim community that myself and the entire staff at Club Equinox will be here to put a smile on your face and try to let you forget some of the problems the Corona Virus has caused us in RL. If you want to meet friends and be part of a ever growing family we are always here for you and hope you come and be part of our family! We at Club Equinox love our friends and all those who come threw our doors to get away from the stress and drama going on today in our ever changing world. Thank you all and have a good day! Becca owner Club Equinox.
Elise Dior 5 months ago
What fun! ty, Becca...for providing a great place to enjoy meeting others at your dance events.
Hello everyone, I would like to add my new virtual environment, to this website, does anyone save how can I do it?
Shain Loorden 2 years ago
Great club! Music and Atmosphere is always rockin'! Great people, great fun!
Highly recommend!