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Isle of Nara
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By The Book, Gorean roleplay, Authentic Gorean Pani, Welcome Center For Pani, Gor, Role Play, , Torvi, Larl, Roleplay, Slave, collared Girls, Kajira, EDO, Asia, RP , Contract Women, , bond, japan, geisha

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Summersfun 9 months ago
no access from Hyper Grid TP from 3 different grids with 3 different named accounts ... one says "banned" and two others say "denied access" ... why list your region here?
Shinji 7 months ago
Not sure why it is doing that for some resion if you give me your full name or message me at Shinji Takahashi if you have issues entering everyone else can do get here but if you can't please message me
logansryche 9 months ago
it's possible their a part-time region being it's on dyndns. Not everyone has the luxury of running their region 24/7.
bebe 1 years ago
you must visit this place is one of those sims where you get lost and gladly surprised in every turn. ty so much Shinji
kindraTurian 1 years ago
What a beautiful sim on Counter Earth Grid! 24 cities all developed after John Normans Books- Nara is one of those cities and beautiful!

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