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Sardar Fair
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This is the shopping and social area for the largest Gorean themed grid in the metaverse, celebrating six years, with interconnected lands- OUR own Gorean BTB Farming, OUR own Gorean meter-full Gorean University, Gorean Training discussions, role play or lifestyle- amazing events including dance tournaments, tournaments of arms, tarn races, soccer, kailla & tharlarian races, capture the flag and so much more. Shop, Dance, Learn about Gor! Adult Region- MUST BE 21- no child avatars Sardar Fair the neutral zone for Counter Earth Grid!!

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JesiB Have been here about a week and everyone has been extremely welcoming! Thank you all! I highly encourage others to try it out!
BenitoBigboots Great Place if you are into Gor! Welcoming and fun people. Hope to see you there.
IrisMcPherson the Grid is so so.......i believe i was introduced to it from the gor hub in second life a while back the guy said ooh there are a lot of girls there come join us . i found as typical with most gor places most of the people mainly the leaders were pretty rude..and not very open to outsiders or newco...

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Region Comments

AricHolmen 2 months ago
Been here a few,s days now.the people here are Very nice and very welcoming .should come check it out and see for yourself.
Mykael Goodman 2 months ago
Counter Earth grid, great place, my Gorean home. We create a lot of orginal content like the Combat System unique and ONLY available to Counter Earth grid. Gorean designed.
Sparkle Bigboots 3 months ago
MY HOME! A great place for role play and to get some great things for you home! COME PLAY WITH US!!!!
Power OfGreen 4 months ago
Wow its so much bigger and very nicely done
could spend days here thank you
Sparkle Bigboots 8 months ago
So many good people, and feel the love!!!
Dominick Page 1 years ago
best place in the world
kindra Turian 4 years ago
December 28, 2016 Goreans Portal Radio broadcasting today in Turia on Counter Earth Grid. IM kindra Vanness for help or go to