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This is the landing point, shopping, and social area of the Gorean/Gor Counter Earth Grid. An entire grid created around the works of John Normans Books about the barbaric planet of Gor. Close to 40 ACTIVE cities for role play or lifestyle. Interconnected lands, OUR own Gorean BTB Farming, OUR own Gorean meter-full Gorean University, Gorean Training discussions, role play or lifestyle- amazing events including dance tournaments, tournaments of arms, tarn races, soccer, kailla & tharlarian races, capture the flag and so much more. Shop, Dance, Learn about Gor! Adult Region- MUST BE 21- no child avatars Sardar Fair the neutral zone for Counter Earth Grid!! Join us TODAY!
What people are saying about us? Thank you Thirza Ember for your kind words and thoughtful interview about Counter Earth Grid. We look forward to seeing you often- https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/01/counter-tops.html#mo...

Ho Ho Holidays is coming up in Dec. Our annual dance show. Dec 18, 2021 4 pm PST

Holiday Dance Show Counter Earth Grid
Where: GOR Sardar Fair
When: 1 years ago [19 Dec 2020 20:00 SLT]

Join us for our Holiday Dance show - this year our show is dedicated to Holiday Musicals with a TWIST. You can even take a sleigh all the way from our Sardar Fair to the Sardar Field theater. We hope you will join us!

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kindra Turian Mr Winesmith- I am sorry you felt you were made fun of but you were a griefer and came into our grid multiple times to drop things on our grid. Other pepole should be aware of you and the type of destruction you try and do to other sims when you do not like what they stand for. We had to report you...
JesiB Have been here about a week and everyone has been extremely welcoming! Thank you all! I highly encourage others to try it out!
Bob47 Does not look like in the pictures, which I can live with, but the store is outdated and half of their items can't be bought; because they either are grid only or the people putting them out did not pay attention and put out items with no copy textures and script. I also looked around on their grid ...

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sharanncousine 4 days ago
last I knew you all locked your grid down to except for those who had av's there. Did ya get lonely?
LionHeart 3 days ago
Hi there sharanncousine! I'm sorry you had trouble getting into the grid. Others are hypergridding into the grid every day so I think your issue may be specific to your situation. If you contact the admin on the website we'll be glad to help you get it sorted out.
kindra Turian 3 days ago
I am not sure where you got this information but in the last 7 plus years that our grid has been open, that has not been the case. Here is a wonderful article about us that will help you get to know us- Counter Earth Article by Thirza Ember
Where: GOR Sardar Fair
When: - [30 Nov 1999 00:00 SLT]
AricHolmen 1 years ago
Been here a few,s days now.the people here are Very nice and very welcoming .should come check it out and see for yourself.
Mykael Goodman 1 years ago
If you don't mind the slander, deception, and dishonesty, these people could be potentially great. There's some people that are great here, but the "founders", specifically more kindra herself, is the biggest can of worms that can be the biggest problem. By gorean standards, a slave could never be admin of anything, and this holds true as to what can still cause the biggest problems in SL, now still too in this grid.
I was a grid admin, I was a server engineer for the grid, and I was slandered by this very "slave" relentlessly and suddenly. And I'm not the only one she's done this to. My recommendation is to stay away.
LionHeart 3 days ago
Mykael Goodman (your nick in SecondLife), you were removed from the grid for abusing your position as admin to try to force women into video chat and into performing sexually in RL for you. This is documented and proven by the last woman you attempted it with, and kindra had nothing to do with it.
Sparkle Bigboots 1 years ago
MY HOME! A great place for role play and to get some great things for you home! COME PLAY WITH US!!!!
Power OfGreen 1 years ago
Wow its so much bigger and very nicely done
could spend days here thank you
Sparkle Bigboots 2 years ago
So many good people, and feel the love!!!
Dominick Page 2 years ago
best place in the world