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Eco Science Teacher, Designer Builder Explorer Musician Artist and Friend. Currently in Seattle, WA USA im back in the USA! woot been on extensive emergency response, now working on Virtual Reality and Gaming music. I love my Metaverse!

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Wild Horse Town & Roleplay free rentals - long stay paid wild west regions
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Oceana 23
hg.osgrid.org:80:Oceana 23 0 Users
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Oceana 19
hg.osgrid.org:80:Oceana 19 0 Users
Its a Mans World mega store Mens mesh bodies, clothes and more
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Oceana 31
hg.osgrid.org:80:Oceana 31 0 Users
Club Region for Azonic
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hg.osgrid.org:80:POWER MEDIA 1 Users
HQ of Azonic and Power Media which has 38 regions dedicated to Artists and Our Avatar Music Company.
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hg.osgrid.org:80:Oceana1 0 Users
Ocean Retro 50's region with sailing. Bring your own boat or get one of ours! All things retro. Shopping too!
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hg.osgrid.org:80:Sandboxpower 0 Users
24 hour Sandbox (4x4) with large water area for yacht and boat testing. All welcome
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hg.osgrid.org:80:Analia 0 Users
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Home of Power and freebies. Also offer a limited amount of free homes here for you. 5 4x4 surrounded by Ocean that connects them
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Seasonal HALLOWEEN TIME BUILD IN PROGRESS there will be freebies and build in about a week feel free to come by anytime
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Wild Horse Town is open! Role play free homes its one of our 55 regions of themes for roleplay Victorian, Roman, you name it but if your a cowboy or cowgirl in need of a home let me know OR just come by and say hello HUGSSS

Asian (any) COSTUME COMPETITION FOR CASH get your costumes ready! hugssss

Hello! Power Of Green Academy opens its doors once more in two weeks. Free education on sustainable living, renewable energy and virtual tech hugssss finally getting the wind and solar back up :)
Don't usually do drama politics lol but i recieved more than the usual Hate Mail since posting here. 1. This is no Second Life 2. 70% of the items i see for sale in Second Life are free downloadable objects and clothes modified and then resold for quite alot of money (i do game graphics in RL) 3. OS Grid came to us as a free open source and is especially valuable to those who are handicapped and on low incomes who can never never never afford SL to create their dreams 4. No other grid would be around if not for the FREE tech service from OS grid staff and developers 5. If you tweeked your copy of OS Grid sofware for YOUR GRID and it runs better GREAT that is what we want! YOUR HAPPINESS 6. When attending someones event try to have manners if possible, I know these are hard times and everyone is on edge but lets all just step back for a moment and take a breath. Im happy to help anyone or discuss or listen Hugsss and have a great day HAPPY HOLIDAYS
We had a great time. Wonderful music by Rogue and Rhonda, great friends. I put the whole Gatsby club in a box and more 1920s stuff boxes all free for you AT THE SHOP. hugssssssssssssss THE SHOP IS JUST DOWN THE LITTLE ROAD FROM THE CLUB or on the Teleporter

WE GOT PROHIBITION BEAT! step into the 1920s and have a ROARING great time! lol hugsss

Havent had a party in a long long time. Was off for year doing emergency response. Thank you for the help and hugsss see some of you tomorrow at noon grid time for ROARING TWENTIES fun goodnight :)

Really looking forward to Saturday now. Haven't done roaring 20s for awhile, what fun! lol hugsssss

ITS A MANS WORLD SHOPPING I had to make a big Mens store for our Artists so decided to open it up for everyone. Im not finished but i have a mega selection of Mens Bodies, clothes Mesh there are big boxes on the floor filled with the best and newest Mesh clothes I thought it was time to give the men more choices lol hugsss

Countdown to the Gatsby Club presents.......... PROHIBITION CANT STOP US! Nov 28 noon grid time almost done with the club hugss :)

Well we are moving everything to a new server (DONE TOMORROW). Its awesome. All 50+ regions connected by ocean in OSgrid. Moving my old builds there too and you all are welcome. Enjoy and look forward to seeing you. p.s. still lots of free islands :) hugsss

its on at Crawdaddys Rogue Galaxy live at her new club!!! wooooot 1vmelody1.outworldz.net:8002:Welcome come on over!!

Thank you all for coming to this region. Its moving and I will let you know. It was completely erased by someone but i will put it on with the new regions. hugsss and thanks for visiting


Where: Oceana 31
When: 6 days ago [28 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]


We are going to start doing live plays (everyone is invited to participate) starting in Dec during the Xmas season starting with short skits all Victorian for this set. Looking for more Victorian clothing, especially for men, im making due but really need more clothing. hugsssss
Little by little all our Artists are coming in from the music company. On Nov 28 is our pre launch party with special guest Rogue (cuz she rocks) and other live performances from the artists on our record label. There are surprises in store! We are doing two things for the first time ever in SL or OSG wooot. hugsss

Got the wagons and carts drivable. Almost finished with Western regions. Not quite there yet. hugsssss look forward to having guests at the Saloon.

building Studio One. will be doing live recording in here starting Nov 20 I cant wait meantime building 4. Ive never really built one in here like this, only in rl. Its fun :) chillin hugss

Finally got my office up. Its a beautiful day! Here are the tp boards and maps to the new Music Company regions. :) yay hugs

HELP!!! lol I'm looking for someone to help me create parcels and put in teleporters. I'm a bit behind and have to do 50 4x4s building so this other type of help would be great. It is paid and I will need more help off and on so I would like to know if anyone wants to work with this longterm. The other people in our Artistic and Non Profit group are not tech and so its up to me to get it ready for them. Its not loads of money but im willing to pay. As this grows in Jan i will be hiring additional staff regular. hugss
Did another one i like better this has authentic NW design on the dress from those tribes. Next im working on the Hopi one. Hope you like them hugsss p.s. im getting a friend to correct them a bit im not the best at clothes lol
Working on a whole line of Native Clothing outfits for Men and Woman more traditional spanning 5 different tribes. I only just started but im doing a very large Native build right now and there wasnt much to choose from. hgusss ill put them all out in the WEST STORE as soon as im finished. Some parts i had to make from scratch so.... be patient lol hugss
As I write this im a little giddy. Building 5 shops at one time lol but i did put in some really great things into the Marina Shop and made a new Mens Shop too! Hope you are all having fun! :) hugs Just come through the Analia Welcome and port from there. The Teleporter board is inside alot more to see than yesterday :)

Just put new Martial Arts Huds in the animation shop! wooot watch out lol :) hop://login.osgrid.org/Azonic/56/610/1532

Here we are, 1 of the 22 regions set aside for sailing and fun. Each region has a theme. This one is Retro 50s - 60s still building but its getting closer!!! Either rez your own boat (join the Analia Boat rez group) or get one of ours on Analia and bring it over. lots and lots of space to sail, including sim crossing if you boat will do it. hugsss ill be done soon building but come on by anyway lol
Working on a large shopping area with Audio, visual and loads of animations for you. Many of the animations are in so our welcome to take a look but havent finished yet. Adding more regions now. Feel blessed my friends, being here is really great with everyone. hugss Power Here it is hop://login.osgrid.org/Azonic/39/45/1527

put in more 1 prim tree groups from Jimmy Olsen (Flora) only 1 prim in a group and they are so beautiful. yaaaay thought i would take a break and decorate a bit outside the cabin.

As im building the Record Company Building and Recording Studio im putting together some great stuff for you all. Today i made some sound effects boards and sound organizers for ya! The audio region shop will be open next week hugssssssssssss :)
Analia region is 1 of 9 central and 12 other 4x4 regions all connected by ocean on OS! wooooot Just upgraded to new server and its a new build but going swiftly. If anyone wants to start sailing anyway there is so much ocean, lol join the group at Welcome and you can rez your boats or get one at our SEA STORE. ALSO, there is still some free homes available for anyone who needs it. Each region, including sea regions have themes, Victorian, modern, sci fi, ect so anyone who might be interested in having fun building let me know. hugsss


Still a ways to go on building not much there yet, but in about a week there will be alot more to see and DO on all 9 regions. weeeeeeeeee i love building hugss

Just put a great boat rezzer in at welcome. If you would like a free home message me. hguss

I recently put in 4 4x4s with OCEAN connecting all of them. Im building away lol there will be many freebies and shops, as well as themes like i always do. Stayed tuned for monthly entertainment starting Oct. 23rd with Rogue for Halloween. Hugs im building fast as I can and getting those brand new freebies in there. hugss p.s. when im not lazy in the music room loolol

Still building... about a week away from complete. More freebies out everyday..... spooktacular!

Still a month to go... but im building and then look over.... and see.... her! gave me chills Happy upcoming Halloween tons of Halloween freebies new and old.. im still building down, but feel free to look arounds hugsss Osgrid: Region PowerofGreen
Taking a test drive before Halloween... need a ride? lol Halloween freebies just got real there is enormous amount of Halloween items in Boxes and some demonstrated around. Im still building down below a full Halloween build and then its.... SPOOKY PARTY TIME :)

LOADS, LOTS, MASSES OF HALLOWEEN ITEMS IN BOXES OUT.... 25 MORE TO GO BUT PLENTY THERE NOW hugssssssssss lol p.s. on teleporter they are on FREEBIES hg.osgrid.org:80:PowerOfGreen

Another week ill have all the freebies for Halloween out and then week after for Christmas. All the things I have gathered are my favs! tonight we are having a little pre party lol so welcome to come anytime and have look so far 2 levels of freebies in the sky hugss