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Learn PMAC* with Webby Merlin `Everyone Welcome

Where: Koryphon Academy
When: 12 days ago [14 May 2022 12:00 SLT]

Learn PMAC* with Webby Merlin

A PMAC Advocate for some years now, Webby loves using this animation
system for animating up to 9 avatars on a single prim, swapping them
around, each with their own animation or static pose. The system is great
for everything from a cuddle rug to a full blown 9 piece staged band.

Learn how to use it in this three week course, one and a half hours per
session. All scripts will be provided with demos. Bring your favorite
animations you would like to work with, or simple ones will be provided.

A three week Saturday Noon course at Koryphon Academy will include:

May 14: Intro to PMAC
The basics to get animations to work with a simple 2-avatar project.
Planning for automating animation series through menu group cards.
Adjusting the positioning of characters easily, tips and tricks.

May 21: Intermediate PMAC
Introducing PMAC ADD-ON scripts to work with PROPS.
Adding in more avatars to the scene.

May 28: Advanced PMAC
Using PMAC with other scripts such as touring scripts
Working with NPCs - Tips and tricks on creating NPCs for use in PMAC projects.
Customizing PMAC CORE script.
Advanced Builders Info from the Author for creating your own AddOns.

Please commit to making all three Saturday classes, enable local voice and
media screen. Fun homework assignments can be completed in an hour or
less outside class in your home region. Pre-registration is requested, please
contact Terri Bestijl and let her know you plan to attend. The course is free,
as are all the courses at Koryphon Academy! Let's have some PMAC fun!

*PMAC = Paramour Multi-Animation Controller by Aine Caoimhe (R.I.P.)
Provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.