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KARAOKE IS BACK! Live at AMV's Got Talent Wednesdays 2-4p

Where: Softly
When: 5 hours ago [18 May 2022 14:00 SLT]

Karaoke at AMV's Got Talent Wednesdays 2-4p

Presenting AMV's Got Talent!
A Karaoke event for all musical tastes, brought to you in the style of RL Karaoke clubs.
Music is streamed by your Karaoke DJ to a wide screen TV via your Media Player. Most songs have scrolling texts with color visual prompts, others may just have texts, you may even find a few without. Some may have backup singers or "Low" vocals, some not.
We have close to 2300 Karaoke tracks-more to come soon!

Your host is Crystal Star - Karaoke DJ is Cataplexia Numbers
This event is loads of fun for us all!
We increased our time to 2-4 PM due to popularity- YAY!