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Johnny Rebel's Home
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Just the "work in progress" region of my worlds on Rebelworld that I call home. All are welcome. No drama, No harrassement, and please try to respect others. Other than that? Have FUN! :)

Hangin in, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend so far. :)

I am having health difficulties. So not here much, and often AFK when I am. Pardon me please? My worlds are always open to everyone. Enjoy your weekend. BIG HUGS, and HIGH 5'S ya'll. :)

Just droppin a hello. Thieves broke into my home while I was in the hospital. Stole a LOT tore my computer up as well, so server is running by thread... However it IS still running, and once again, I didn't die. haha :P So life is ok-ish. ^^ I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night/rest of their weekend. lol Prayers, hugs, n high 5's ya'll. :)
Opening my home back up on here for now. I haven't decided if I want to open up any more of Rebelworld yet on opensimworld, but I am still around? lol ^^ You can get to Rebelmart, and Rebel Community Welcome Center from the board at my home for now. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and New Years holiday. hugs n high 5's :)

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