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Gather at the Gor Grid Island of Anango.
Anango is large island not far from Schendi. Reputed to be the home of mythical "black wizards" though in actuality there is no magic on Gor (or is there ? ) The jungles serve as the setting for various fanciful tales, having to do with strange races, mysterious plants and fabulous animals. - role play encouraged - (we are not BTB but still this is GOR ) most things are free to copy- LGBTQ welcome -there will be a quest and original content prizes we are still under construction - Enjoy ! (please be patient it takes some time to fully Rez but is worth it ) All over the sim you will find hypergrid portals to sims we like - because we are all better together

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Kendra Brialla not a good idea to go here unless you want to be ooc bashed by a bunch of 20 year olds with no understanding whatsoever of g]Gorean culture...Anaango in the books was the least known yet still known island in all of gor. below for your amusement is an example of the amazing well manners of the Owner...
Aphra Hendrix wow, i love it!
Gioiasautereau A piece of art. Worth to explore, even for people not in the GOR theme. The owner seems a dedicated builder and delicately combines own creations with findings from all over the grids. Thumbs up.

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Kashi Takeshi 11 months ago
Love to wander around. Great place. Love the atmosphere.
Gioiasautereau 1 years ago
Wonderful landscaping. Congrats!