Boreal Sea Centre 3

Boreal Sea Centre 3
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Ever dream of going to the Florida Keys but cannot stay for 14 days in quarantine? Check out the newly developed sim of over 7 million kilometres of sailable waters with replicas of the main keys in the Florida Keys region. Many tropical homes to rent (you must be a Neverworld avatar to rent here, sign up here: .
If you like the Blake Sea area of SL this will remind you of it. In addition to saling, there is the overseas highway linking all keys and also you can fly over the sim with several airstrips for landing. Its a tropical dream come true! Thanks to creators Alba Wyrril and Rik Sullivan for developing this sim!

Best of all, free housing and parcels in the sim, currently have some parcels ready to go just north of Key West, you must be a native Neverworlder to rent and rental boxes are self serve.

Hello everyone we have two free large parcels in The Keys right now, both are about half an island large, The Key s is a 121 sim big sailing region as an exact replica of the Florida Keys, developed, I actually live there myself but we have room for some more residents. As always parcels here are FREE to anyone. If you Teleport in I will be online and be able to send you landmark for the free parcels, these will not last. One of them in Upper Sugarloaf is 17,000 meters, true :slightly_smiling_face:
Sunset Cruise of the Keyes
Where: Boreal Sea Centre 3
When: 10 months ago [22 Dec 2020 16:00 SLT]

Do you like the Blake sea in Second Life? Join us in our new pontoon boat to cruise the Florida Keys, from Key West up to the Key Largo, check out all the spots to visit. The Keys is a 121 sim wide sailing region available to all with free home rentals and all are waterfront. We will end the tour with a stop over at Marathon to pick up free boats.

Here is a beautiful home free rental in Marathon, the Keys, Neverworld. The parcel is 2992 and has a backyard with room for a deck and a dock. Get it now before it goes. Self serve rental box just click join the rental group and rez! hop:// Keys/1852/1701/26

Part of the Overseas Highway.

Overview of the town of Marathon

Magical Islomarda

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Joe Builder 12 months ago
Hate the Florida Keys, But a virtual one may be good :)