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Adult Region - No Child avatars allowed. Located in the region, GasWorks -- Tucked away in a small industrial burg. An escape from the daily grind, GasWorks is where we come to forget the hard parts of living. Get lost in the music of life - The Blues! Nothin' but Hot Workin' Blues.

Black Opal ~ Sister and special event venue for GasWorks ~ The Black Opal. Imagine a time back during prohibition, when finding a club to entertain your date involved secrecy, and discretion. You enter through an elegant false front, only to discover once you're in, the party is deeper inside. Men in their best suits, women in their sexiest gowns. The scent of fine wines, cigars and cocktails. A joint jumping with Southern Soul, naughty randy blues and R&B. Take your date in your arms, dance, exhale and relax because you've found it! And now you belong ~ At the Black Opal.

Rising like a Phoenix - DJ Phoenix returns to GasWorks 5PM
He's Back!! Come welcome DJ Phoenix back to GasWorks and let him know he's been missed! Phoenix returns to GasWorks stage after a world tour of Asia, Africa and the sub continents, and promises to fill us up with his trademark Roadhouse Blues sound! Expect fun! Dancing and always laughter during a DJ Phoenix set and we're certain tonight will be no exception. Join your friends, and let's all say "Welcome Home" to the amazing DJ Phoenix - Tonight! - At GasWorks!
Halftime!!! Kathena Mavenverse Birthday!!! The opening of the Rusty Nail has moved to the Black Opal due to a problem with Kathena's Region! But it's her birthday! So the Party goes on at the Black Opal! Join us for DJ Viktor is pumping the party tunes! Come say Happy Birthday to Kathena! Join us! HOP
DJ BlueLou! Saturday Rockin' Blues 5PM

It's "Old Fogie Night" at GasWorks as DJ BlueLou and DJ Dick Pinelli combine forces for a Blues Rockin' Saturday Night! Lou comes up first at 5PM with what he promises to be a "No Sit" set of your favorite Blues! Lou will draw from an endless library and pull out the tunes certain to make you want to party and dance. It's always fun and friends at GasWorks, and tonight will be no exception... Join us "Old Fogies" and let's kick it! Tonight at GasWorks
DJ Dick Pinelli! Hard Hitting Blues at GasWorks! 7PM
Hot damn! it's DJ Dick Pinelli coming straight at us tonight at Gasworks! DJ Pinelli plays the hottest blues this side of sideways! always fresh and current, Dick has a vast library of nothing but the best blues he's collected in his many years as a professional bluesman!.... it's all here tonight! At GasWorks! Join us for DJ Dick Pinelli tonight!
Blue Lou and the Bloooooz! GasWorks! 7PM

It's da Bloooooz tonight! But BlueLou told us it won't be the same ol stuff! No no no! Lou is gonna bring the good stuff.. Party Blues to keep you up and dancing tonight at GasWorks! Bring a friend or two, or just meet some new friends tonight -- We'll save you space! Always Blues Done Right with DJ BlueLou at GasWorks!
DJ Ele Falls down the Rabbit hole!! GasWorks 5PM
Look out DJ Ele! You've just fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland! Come hear the best blues in virtual worlds, but in a land of the surreal. Tonight find your Favorites inside the park -- transformed to a land of wonder! DJ Ele in Gasworks land! The best in contemporary blues and fun await you -- Watch out for the Mad Hatter! Join us tonight for DJ Ele in Wonderland of GasWorks. Come in "Alice in Wonderland" styled outfits, or come as you are. Either way, this is something to see tonight!
After Party~~ Rogue Galaxy performs LIVE at GasWorks! 12 noon!
Join us at GasWorks as we Celebrate a festive day of peaceful protest! Rogue Galaxy takes the stage to entertain us with her special way of delivering songs we all know and love! Rogue ranges from the blues, to pop, soul and R&B. All the best, join your friends and settle in for a solid hour of your favorites! We're in the street! it's a Street Party at GasWorks!
Rogue Galaxy performs LIVE tonight at GasWorks! 6PM
Live Entertainer/Singer Rogue Galaxy is Alive and Live on stage tonight at GasWorks. Rogue will be performing a new songlist, plus old favorites as well. The always saucy and often sexy Rogue will charm you with her vocals and entertaining takes on all your favorite tunes! Blues, R&B, Funk -- Nothing is off limits for Rogue, and she will weave them together for one live wire show! Join us tonight for Rogue Galaxy at GasWorks!
DJ Cheryl Rose Doin' up our Saturday Night at 4PM
DJ Cheryl loves Saturday evenings, and it shows when she spins the Blues! Cheryl will be on stage at 4PM to start off our Saturday night at GasWorks! Cheryl spins the blues from all corners of the Genre, and also loves your requests. She is known for playing some of the latest tunes, and a lot of your old favorites.. Cheryl will even spin up some CCR! Just ask her for it! Saturday night! DJ Cheryl! GasWorks! Join us!
DaBluez Preacher! LIVE LOOPIN' FUN! Bluezin' GasWorks at 7PM

Enter the Bluez Preacher on GasWorks goes LIVE night! Preacher man will bring you a rockin' set of LIVE guitar, and singing! In Fact, Blues Preacher plays all instruments LIVE during his set through the magic of live looping! If you're looking for a Live Wire set of Blues to make you jump, you'll find it tonight at GasWorks with Da Bluez Preacher! Come find out what it's all about!
In Honor of the upcoming Holiday.. GasWorks will have no live events on the 24th or 25th of December. It is a time for family, friends and loved ones. We'd like to say from Rae and BlueLou, we wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday. Joy and warm good tidings to everyone! 2021 is right around the corner.
DJ Cheryl Rose Christmas Blues and More! At GasWorks 4PM

Join us for Cheryl Rose Christmas Blues and MORE! During GasWorks "Big 'Ol Christmas Ugly Sweater Skating Party" Cheryl kicks off our night with what we're sure will be an exciting set of Holiday Blues and Fun! Cheryl certainly will have a set jam packed with fantastic tunes, all in tune with the upcoming Christmas season! Ice skate provided, and prizes for all who attend! Don't miss out on a full night of great entertainment at GasWorks, all starting with DJ Cheryl's Christmas Blues and More!
Rogue Galaxy Sings LIVE at GasWorks 6PM
Where: GasWorks
When: 8 months ago [5 Dec 2020 18:00 SLT]

•━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰
» Шhere: ✫ GASWORKS ✫
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴6:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄📷 catch your ride here 📷►▸

It's Coming! Halloween night at GasWorks! Let's call it "Blues-O-Ween" ! If you attended last year, you know what it's all about! This year will be bigger, our next outdoor event in the Haunted City Park! Prizes for everyone who attends! Find your costumes and get ready to party with DJ Cheryl at 3PM.. DJ Phoenix at 5PM.. And DJ BlueLou at 7PM... Expect surprises too! At "Blues-O-Ween"! Be there!
GasWorks is proud to present fine entertainment tonight at The Black Opal venue! Imagine a time back during prohibition when finding a club to entertain your date involved secrecy and discretion. Men in their best suits, women in their sexiest gowns. The scent of fine wines, cigars and cocktails. Black Opal is such a place.
TONIGHT! 4PM DJ Cheryl Rose
6PM Live entertainer Rogue Destiny
7PM Live entertainer DaBluez Preacher
Join us for a Live Wire night of fantastic entertainment in a unique environment. Dressy to Formal wear suggested

Debut! DJ Slyder at GasWorks! 7AM It's da Blues!
Happenings this morning at GasWorks! DJ Slyder joins our AM crew with a set of Jumpin' Blues just for you! Come get to know our newest staff member, DJ Slyder. You'll be happy you did! DJ Slyder's style is not subtle, he will give you some awesome roadhouse style blues, and will take your (blues) requests as well. Slyder always strives to play what the crowd wants to hear, more so that just what he wants. Makes him a real pleaser up on stage! DJ Slyder with his Debut at GasWorks! Blues Done Right!
DJ Mountain with the Blues Southern Fried! 7PM
Need Some Blues with a little Southern redneck charm? Look no further than DJ Mountain at GasWorks tonight! This man really plays it, and plays it soooo good! Current, old favorites, and with one thing in mind.. Get you dancing, laughing and having a good time! We've got DJ Mountain, come find out what he's all about! Blues, with Mountain, tonight! At GasWorks
Friday! Phoenix Enigma will Rock the Blues at 5PM

Nothing beats a Friday night party done Phoenix Style! Phoenix loves playing the blues for you! Expect Blues from all ranges of the genre! Most rowdy good timing tunes that will get cha dancing and shouting! Never a dull moment when Phoenix is on stage! Grab some friends and come see what it's all about. Phoenix will take great care of you! join us tonight! Fridays are wild at GasWorks!
DJ Lady B! Bringin' the Rock and R&B tonite to GasWorks! 7PM

Good things shouldn't have to end, and tonight -- They won't!! Right after DJ Purrr stand by for DJ Lady B to continue a rockin' night at GasWorks! DJ Lady B plays a terrific blend of Rock favorites and R&B standards. Weaving them together seamlessly making it hard not to dance and sing along! Requests are welcome, and fun is promised! Bring your best friends and join the crew at GasWorks! for DJ Lady B
Tuesday Night is Different! it's Rock Night with DJ PURRR at 5PM

Don't let the dirt settle around your feet this Tuesday! Kick 'em up! Get Rocked tonight by DJ Purrrfectt Catt at GasWorks!! Tuesday night has become Rock Night and we're certain Mr. Muddy Waters himself would approve! Favorites, even some you may have forgotten, nothing off limits except -- it's gonna Rock! Grab some friends, slide on down to GasWorks tonight for DJ Purrr ! Get ready to rock!
6PM Rogue Galaxy sings LIVE at GasWorks

Get ready for fun tonight at GasWorks, and Rogue Galaxy starts things off at 6PM with her wild set of Blues, R&B and surprises! Rogue loves to entertain her audience, and God help us all if we get her laughing during the show!! Lots of new material in Rogues set, all with one thing in mind, to get you up on your feet and dancing! So grab a friend or two, and slide on down to GasWorks - Take in the Rogue Galaxy show!
DJ LadyB! Attacks the blues at GasWorks!! 6PM

Come get some! DJ LadyB is dealing the Blues tonight at GasWorks! LadyB loves crowd interaction and is always a pleaser! Requests wecome, and LadyB will mix it up between Blues and R&B favorites! Come find out what it's all about tonight -- DJ LadyB at GasWorks Blues! Grab some friends and come on down to the Juke! Blues Done Right!
DJ Dick Pinelli! Hard Hitting Blues at GasWorks! 7PM

When the party is really starting to fire up, we don't want to turn it over to a DJ who will cool it down.. So we wont!! GasWorks is proud to bring in DJ Dick Pinelli to take the party deep into the night. DJ Pinelli is a real pro and can play a blues song to fit any situation or conversation in the crowd.. Always upbeat, with all the current and older hits. Dick will even play your blues requests! Join us for a Hot night tonight at GasWorks! DJ Dick Pinelli at 7PM
Dj BlueLou! Thursday Blues bomb! 7PM

Duck and Cover! Dj BlueLou is at GasWorks and planning mischief! He's gonna unload a Blues Bomb of the rowdiest Blues he can put together! This is one to stay awake for, you won't be put to sleep for certain! Grab a friend or two and Join us at GasWorks! Or just make some new friends here! GasWorks! DJ BlueLou! Thursday night!
Rogue Galaxy performs LIVE tonight at GasWorks! 6PM

What is better than a concert by Rogue Galaxy? Not much! Basket of puppies? no! A good cocktail and dinner? Close but no! Join us tonight for a rowdy concert by the Queen of live entertainment. Expect Blues, R&B, maybe some soul! Rogue has put together lots of new material and well hell, they are all good! Full night of entertainment tonight at GasWorks! Join us for Rogue Galaxy
It's a Purrrfect Storm! DJ Purrrfectt Catt at GasWorks! 7PM

Ohhh yeah! DJ Purrr is on stage tonight at GasWorks to light the night on fire with Blues and Blues/Rock just how you like it! Purrr loves nothing more than playin just what the audience wants to hear, and she's soooo sooo good at it! Current, Classics, and favorites are all on tap for you tonight when Purrr is at the controls. Bring some friends, or meet some new friendly folks tonight at GasWorks with DJ Purrr. As always it's Blues Done Right!
DJ LadyB Ready to Shine! GasWorks 5PM

Don't let Thursday be a boring night! Come join your friends at GasWorks, and take in some dancing and fun with DJ Lady B! LadyB plays a smooth mix of Blues and R&B, switching seamlessly between the genres to bring a mix of tunes certain to get you moving. Part of a full night of entertainment tonight at GasWorks and we aim to please! Come get your moves on tonight! With Dj Lady B
Rock show! Dj Purrrfectt Catt Rocks GasWorks! 5PM

Muddy Waters once said, "The Blues had a baby, and they named it Rock and Roll". GasWorks is going to bring you the BEST in Classic Rock tonight as DJ Purrrfectt Cat will be taking the stage to change the pace at GasWorks on Tuesdays! That's right, tonight it will be Classic Rock! Not just any Rock... The best there is and DJ Purrr is an expert on the topic! You have to come to hear what she has in store for us! Rock Show! Tonight! At GasWorks
Rock show! Dj Purrrfectt Catt Rocks GasWorks! 5PM

Muddy Waters once said, "The Blues had a baby, and they named it Rock and Roll". GasWorks is going to bring you the BEST in Classic Rock tonight as DJ Purrrfectt Cat will be taking the stage to change the pace at GasWorks on Tuesdays! That's right, tonight it will be Classic Rock! Not just any Rock... The best there is and DJ Purrr is an expert on the topic! You have to come to hear what she has in store for us! Rock Show! Tonight! At GasWorks
DJ Purrrfectt Catt to crank up Thursday fun! 7PM

GasWorks is proud to present DJ Purrrfectt Catt tonight with a Purrrfectt Storm of Blues and R&B! DJ Purrr puts everything she has in to her music and entertaining her listeners so expect nothing less than her best anytime she climbs on stage! Call up your friend, or just come and make some new ones tonight at GasWorks with DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Always Always Blues Done Right!
DJ BlueLou! Attacks the Blues tonight! 7PM
Where: GasWorks
When: 4 months ago [31 Mar 2021 19:00 SLT]

Ready to send the month of March packin'? BlueLou is! Lou has gone nuts and has put together a set of new, and old, rowdy from start to finish Blues! We're gonna party tonight like it's the end of March -- Wait! it IS the end of March! GasWorks will be the place to be tonight for nuthin' but good fun, and great music. Join us, and find out what it's all about! BlueLou - Tonight!- At GasWorks

DJ Ele with a mid week Blues Smack Down! 5PM
Where: GasWorks
When: 4 months ago [31 Mar 2021 17:00 SLT]

No Wednesday let downs - no no no! DJ Ele will be here to light a fire under us all with her special style of contemporary Blues music! Ele is an expert at putting her sets together so they just flow and build! It's a sure fire pick me up for mid week doldrums! Never heard of Ele? Come find out! Bring some friends or meet a few new ones -- Tonight! At GasWorks where the Blues are done right!

Rogue Galaxy performs LIVE tonight at GasWorks! 6PM

Special night tonight at GasWorks! Why? Because Rogue Galaxy is here to perform live for us! Rogue is a fantastic entertainer, who can sing Blues, Soul, R&B and many other genres! Always great with the audience, and when possible will even take your requests! If you've never heard a Rogue Galaxy concert, come tonight to GasWorks and find out what she's all about! Part of a big night tonight, At GasWorks! Rogue Galaxy at 6PM
GasWorks gone GREEN! DJ BlueLou celebrates St. Patricks Day! 5PM

Celebrate St. Patricks Day and the "wearin' of the green" with DJ BlueLou at GasWorks! Grab a green beer and enjoy the Blues while kissing the Blarney Stone! DJ BlueLou will come loaded with great party Blues to get you dancing a jig and more. Even the club has undergone a facelift for the event. BlueLou never disappoints, and as always, expect Blues Done Right! Tonight! at GasWorks
DJ LadyB Lights up your night! GasWorks 7PM

Oh yeahhhh! Join our NEWEST DJ tonight at GasWorks! Want to dance? DJ Lady B does too! She will lay out her mix of Blues, R&B and even some Soul to Guarantee a good time! Lady B can mix things up as good as anyone in the business, and all you have to do is drop by to find out! It's a full night of great entertainment, all just for you tonight! At GasWorks - Always Blues Done Right!

Join DJ Phoenix as he brings you fun and frivolity with The Little Black Dress! This is a Classic at Gasworks ! This mini event is a great combination of Phoenix's with and sense of humor, not to mention the awesome Blues he brings along many great moments of tongue in cheek humor. Show us your legs and fashion sense.. yep men and women alike are encouraged to come in a Little Black Dress! Participation while desired is not required .. see you Friday!

Rogue Galaxy performs LIVE tonight at GasWorks! 6PM
Ready for some saucy sass? Live singer and entertainer Rogue Galaxy hits the stage tonight at GasWorks at 6PM. Rogue sings the Blues, R&B, Soul and pop. Check out her song list and you will surely see, Rogue is versatile and incredible on stage! Get her laughing and you've found the sweet spot! Bonus for everyone! For a sure thing in entertainment, Join Rogue Galaxy to night at GasWorks!
DJ Phoenix! Bringin' the Blues HOT! GasWorks 5PM
Time for DJ Phoenix and Saturday night at GasWorks! DJ Phoenix has years of experience and time has added to his amazing library of the Blues. Phoenix likes to bring the Blues to you raw and rowdy, but also knows just the right times to pull it back a little soft and tender. Expect a perfect blend tonight at your Juke Joint -- GasWorks with DJ Phoenix

Ready for the real thing? Welcome to the GasWorks Live entertainer Blind Boink! Blind is a real bluesman, who will play and sing the Blues to you stripped down and raw. Authentic, down to earth Blues. Welcome Blind Boink to AviWorlds and to the OS... Join us for what is sure to be some great blues..... At GasWorks

The "Afterparty" Dan Sings performs LIVE at GasWorks! 11AM
The Afterparty has begun! Dan Sings will take the stage at 11 with his soulful voice and amazing musical talent! If you've not heard Dan Sings perform, today is your day! Join us at GasWorks for a great party! Full Day of entertainment ahead!
It's Ele Time!! 5PM at GasWorks!
Ready for a mid-week pick up? DJ Ele cooks up just the right recipe with contemporary Blues for your listening and dancing pleasure! DJ Ele is a Blues lover of all types, and will bring a variety of fresh, new and old favorites to every set. Have you listened to Ele yet? Make tonight the night! Join your friends, AND make some new ones tonight with DJ Ele at GasWorks! Blues Done Right

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Slyder Morgan Gasworks is the home to the blues. Best Blues Club in opensim. They have great Dj's that know the blues. Their sets are rivaled to none. I am very glad to be one of the dj's.
JoshBoam WoW Im Stunned The amount of People that show up at this place is simply stunning! Very Glad the Moved to AviWorlds... Keep up the great work Gasworks and team!!!
TaylorMade Gasworks is THE best blues club on the Open grid. The owners BlueLou and Rae are as genuine as they come! If you want to listen to professional DJ's and Blues that will touch your soul you need to come to a set here. Live singers round out the DJ's and they are the best of the best. All the best i...

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Thank you Gaswork . your sim is really Beautifull ♥ Pleasure come back Spin for you. Thank you Kathena Rae Blue & all ♥ Kisses from France
Alobo 10 months ago
Thank you all the Dj's for all the awesome tunes. A great place to go to and awesome people.
lunastormfeather 11 months ago
My favorite club in the metaverse! Great music and down home atmosphere.