GasWorks Adult

Copper 5 months ago
What happend to gasworks? no infos that they go :-(
Michelle Hartley 10 months ago
I want to buy some items from here. What currency do I use as a HG visitor. My money shows up as my own grid currency.
GasWorks 10 months ago
we use podex dollars, and have a podex atm right outside the club doors across the street. The podex is Hypergrid enabled which means you (as a hypergrid visitor) can buy dollars and use them, you can transfer to others, or use to buy items, however once you leave the grid the dollars stay in the grid until you return to use them at a later time. You never lose them, they are always here when you come back again.
Thank you Gaswork . your sim is really Beautifull ♥ Pleasure come back Spin for you. Thank you Kathena Rae Blue & all ♥ Kisses from France
Alobo 2 years ago
Thank you all the Dj's for all the awesome tunes. A great place to go to and awesome people.
lunastormfeather 2 years ago
My favorite club in the metaverse! Great music and down home atmosphere.