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Design by Verna Avril Open Jan 1, 2020,
Residential Parcels for those active in my region in role-play, sailing, flying, Cars, Boats, Planes, club, lounge. BELL CITY is for Osgrid Avatars only to rent to verified good users. We have the final word if you or items are not agreeable with the region Theme or respect for us or others. In your home, you can do what you like on your parcel.

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victorialogan 2 months ago
excellent work, very nice site. very nice to share
Viajeroitinerante 7 months ago
Verna is a person who does not gather the truth. She is exclusive and partly xenophobic with whom she does not empathize. If the lands were exclusive, do what is now, Announce it and say that you will only admit whoever you want and like you !! .. ah! And above all, be respectful, because even if you are a veteran of Osgrid, do not stop conserving education and respect. Keep it up Verna, you're getting a picture. We are knowing how you are.
Verna Avril 6 months ago
I have the notecard of the I'm you threaten to do just this if you did not get the property back
Verna Avril 7 months ago
your family took over many parcels were demanding and demeaning and hostiles .. and before you call someone xenophobic you better find out who you are talking too you have the opportunity to remove your comment or let is stay and let all see what a bully you and your family are and threatening.