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This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve ALL Opensim Grids and Users providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Everything is and will be FREE and full perms, take a copy or buy for zero. Under Construction - No Drama Sim, No Sex, No discrimination - Zero Tolerance. 0% Linda Kellie Content in the Sim.

Rules for animals:
Not saying Hi in chat Range = Kick
Offering friendship without previous chat = Ban

We are friendly, we love you, we hope you enjoy your visit - Thank You!

Photos & Posts
Container 20191013 Arrival and now available in our ATM Machine! Halloween Stuff for you, your sim, or grid! Premium Free and Full Perms Enjoy! :-)
Goreans!!! Shame on all of you!!! ;p And this is for you!! Now free and full perms available to all grids and freebie shops 30 Premium Anims for your Gorean explorations and projects, Enjoy :)
What comes from God's is not only a gift but FREE and FULLPERMS :)
1 months - 2 comments
Container 20190907 Arrival now Free and full perms available to all freebie shops and grids!!! Enjoy and share with your best friends :)
1 months - 0 comments

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Cheyanne88 1 months
thank you for all your hard work hugssssssssssss
wicked 4 months
Tytytytytytytytyt for all that you do! Hugs!
LindaShelby 2 months
Yw :-) Hugs and keep having fun :-))))))))
oopsee 6 months
another huge quality free content region !!! Keep opensim free and full perms
LindaShelby 2 months
Come back to me !!!! lolol!!!
One of my fav's
StepanVolkov 7 months
Inc = The Conglomerate? I don't know for sure, but love it just the same!
LindaShelby 2 months
Almost the same, like a mirror but might have different stuff :-)
oopsee 8 months
fantastic freebies !!
LindaShelby 2 months
You are Fantastic too love you!!! :-)

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It's top content, full perms, and free everywhere i touch in this sim, Paradise! Ty for sharing!!!
All Free and Fullperms everywhere! New Top Quality Content!
5 Stars because i like my region and i like freebies and happy people everywhere in all hypergrid!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Yay!!!
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