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The entrance portal to the BDSM Hub on USG as well as many other things.
NO Child avatars. Your overall look must be adult. This will be at management discretion and will be based on a combination of size, skin, shape and behavior. If any aspect of your look or behavior suggests you are not adult, or is open to question, you will be asked to change. If you do not change you will be asked to leave.

If you show up as a child avatar you will be messaged immediately. If you do not agree to return as an adult avatar, you will be removed from the region. If you do not respond to our messages you will be booted. If you give us a hard time you will be banned. It's as simple as that.

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Great art fair and party going on :)
KrypticKayos 10 months
I am loving the notations .. Hi 5 times 10.
Sheku_Thor 10 months
New Years Eve at the Adult Hub on Utopia Skye was an amazing event. Not only did they cover 8 hours with music from Gertie, Austin, Mike and Calliope to capture as many time zones for residents and guests as possible, Lexx put on an amazing 6 hour particle show that has to be seen to be believed. The Adult Hub setting is beautiful and stylish with a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere (except us blowing the roof off the place last night hehe). So many plans for adult role play and interaction announced for the new year at the party so something for everyone.
amity 10 months
A really gorgeous region, beautifully designed with a very serene feel to it. Many interesting paths to explore.
LadyMuse 10 months
Many thanks Amity! I hope you return, we're adding many new things including our popular fetish fire club to this region. Should be lots of new things to come and see and do. Glad to have you over!

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