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Welcome to our Southern Oasis! Enjoy Horse trails, Caves, Hidden cuddle spots - Romantic dancing in a Garden in the clouds! Rez a boat, horse even an elephant! This is a collage of lands we had created in other worlds. New constructions all the time! Most of our items are free to copy - Everyone is welcome! We'll leave a light on for ya!

Please like our page if you are happy with your visit!

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really nice but not the place to shop when its a copy of anything you see and only to find out, you only received bits and pieces, so i give it thumbs down
13535 8 months
I'm Sorry Jazmine, I do usually modify anything I find that is copy - changing something or adding another / maybe a texture that didn't transfer properly. I must have forgot to link something. And yes, If you let me know what you wanted, I can pass it to you if possible. Not everything is FP. I hope you have a good day.
HarmonyMeadows 9 months
Hi Jazmine :) I have never had that experience and I visit there often!! Sheila is amazing! I am sure if you IM her, she will pass you the item that you didn't get in complete shape!! Hugs!! :)
13535 8 months
xoxo Thanks Harmony. Sorry I haven't been around. I have been TP's to RL for a while......but I am back on (not nearly as often as I would like to be). About to make some big changes to the home area :) see you soon!
BowenGardner 9 months
You give every region you visit a thumbs down Jazmine. When do we get to see one of your regions? .I'm sure we could all do with some edjumacation from such an illustrious creator... coughsssss !
13535 8 months
Hi Bowen, ty and have a good day :) Hope you enjoyed the sim :) let me know if I can send you anything.
ElaineFae 10 months
Love your creation, we do indeed have similar taste ... I think we shop at the same places lol. You have the nicest collection of lamps - i had a little copyfest while there, thanks so much :)
italianmeat 12 months
What a Fantastic place to visit, I stayed so long there and forgot about the time as there is so much to explore and enjoy ! Thank You for making this place for all to visit and kudos for all of your lands Beauty :)
13535 12 months
I am so happy you enjoy it! Thank you so much for the kind words and please visit any time!
HarmonyMeadows 12 months
The most beautiful place! I love coming here to just relax and walk the paths and see the beauty! I love what you both do! Thank you also for the lovely things but mostly for creating this gorgeous region for all to share and love!! Hugs!
13535 12 months
XOXO Thank you harmonyMeadows. I am so happy you are enjoying it! Extra hugs to you :) so nice to see these kind words! have a wonderful holiday season!
SamsaraTimeless 1 years
Beautiful, can see your hearts and imaginations at every turn :)
thedeeferry 1 years
We really enjoyed. Nicely done. Ty for your work.
13535 1 years
xoxo you are very welcome anytime!
alauriana 1 years
absolutely gorgeous Sheila & Gord ... I love it :-)
13535 1 years
oxoxo Thank you babes! you area always welcome!
Such a beautiful Place with lots to look at and explore! Very well thought out!
13535 1 years
Thank you Destiny :) Please come back anytime! our pleasure havin you over!

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This place is worth seeing! There is a lot to see and the owners are generous. Thank you Sheila for your warm welcome.
A very lovely sim to explore and take in. The selection of flora and architecture is very attractive and compatible; no clashes. On a side note, horse and unicorns, wear boots.
Beautiful place. Obviously made with love.
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