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Sheila Devonshire
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4 years ago
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Welcome to our Southern Oasis! Enjoy Horse trails, Caves, Hidden cuddle spots - Romantic dancing in a Garden in the clouds! Rez a boat, horse even an elephant! This is a collage of lands we had created in other worlds. New constructions all the time! Most of our items are free to copy - Everyone is welcome! We'll leave a light on for ya!

Please like our page if you are happy with your visit!

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Brennan This place is worth seeing! There is a lot to see and the owners are generous. Thank you Sheila for your warm welcome.
Kenia This place is awesome but why isnt it online?
Greybox A very lovely sim to explore and take in. The selection of flora and architecture is very attractive and compatible; no clashes. On a side note, horse and unicorns, wear boots.

Region Comments

Jazmine11Luckstone 3 years ago
really nice but not the place to shop when its a copy of anything you see and only to find out, you only received bits and pieces, so i give it thumbs down
Sheila Devonshire 3 years ago
I'm Sorry Jazmine, I do usually modify anything I find that is copy - changing something or adding another / maybe a texture that didn't transfer properly. I must have forgot to link something. And yes, If you let me know what you wanted, I can pass it to you if possible. Not everything is FP. I hope you have a good day.
Harmony Beningborough 3 years ago
Hi Jazmine :) I have never had that experience and I visit there often!! Sheila is amazing! I am sure if you IM her, she will pass you the item that you didn't get in complete shape!! Hugs!! :)
Sheila Devonshire 3 years ago
xoxo Thanks Harmony. Sorry I haven't been around. I have been TP's to RL for a while......but I am back on (not nearly as often as I would like to be). About to make some big changes to the home area :) see you soon!
Bowen Gardner 3 years ago
You give every region you visit a thumbs down Jazmine. When do we get to see one of your regions? .I'm sure we could all do with some edjumacation from such an illustrious creator... coughsssss !
Sheila Devonshire 3 years ago
Hi Bowen, ty and have a good day :) Hope you enjoyed the sim :) let me know if I can send you anything.
ElaineFae 3 years ago
Love your creation, we do indeed have similar taste ... I think we shop at the same places lol. You have the nicest collection of lamps - i had a little copyfest while there, thanks so much :)
italianmeatt 4 years ago
What a Fantastic place to visit, I stayed so long there and forgot about the time as there is so much to explore and enjoy ! Thank You for making this place for all to visit and kudos for all of your lands Beauty :)
Sheila Devonshire 4 years ago
I am so happy you enjoy it! Thank you so much for the kind words and please visit any time!
Harmony Beningborough 4 years ago
The most beautiful place! I love coming here to just relax and walk the paths and see the beauty! I love what you both do! Thank you also for the lovely things but mostly for creating this gorgeous region for all to share and love!! Hugs!
Sheila Devonshire 4 years ago
XOXO Thank you harmonyMeadows. I am so happy you are enjoying it! Extra hugs to you :) so nice to see these kind words! have a wonderful holiday season!
Samsara Timeless 4 years ago
Beautiful, can see your hearts and imaginations at every turn :)
thedeeferry 4 years ago
We really enjoyed. Nicely done. Ty for your work.
Sheila Devonshire 4 years ago
xoxo you are very welcome anytime!
absolutely gorgeous Sheila & Gord ... I love it :-)
Sheila Devonshire 4 years ago
oxoxo Thank you babes! you area always welcome!