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Crystal Bay Bay 0 Users
Free home parcels for new Virtuality members. Must be less than 30 days old to rent. Home is fully furnished and furniture is animated. 1230 prims on each parcel allowing for your own personal touches. Landscaped with mature trees and plants. Enjoy a front and back yard as well as a front patio...
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Pangea C10 C10 0 Users
Virtuality's first gloebit enabled region. The mall is open to all opensim users. Stores are free to rent, first come first serve. Please be kind to your neighbors and read our Region Covenant. We are looking forward to a very successful venture with you all!!
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Random Freebies Freebies 0 Users
Always adding things daily ....
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Virtuality Welcome Welcome 0 Users
Welcome to Virtuality....where the possibilities are infinite. Enjoy the community atmosphere, the friendly international community and the stress free environment. *Money Tree (for new members) *Destination Guide *Freebie's *Creator's Fair *Ruth & R0th Mesh Bodies *Games
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Welcome Home Party
Where: Virtuality Welcome
When: 3 years ago [12 Jan 2019 10:00 SLT]

Welcome Home Ali
Party on 12.1.2019 at the Welcome Sim
Motto welcome Home Ali Party .
DJ Andy likes to play the songs with request.
all are invited ...

Start 10 o'clock grid time ...

Large, landscaped backyard with swing.

Furnished and animated bedroom with working bed, lamps and chairs.

Front walkway, landscaped with mature trees and bushes.

Front of home with open view of living room. Furnished with animated furniture and working fireplace.

Our new Community Center for meetings and gatherings.

Visit our Creator's Fair to see the latest trends in fashion from our designers.

Freebie area stocked full.

Freebie's for visitors and our new members. Items from our own creator's as well as from a few other places. Ruth and R0th bodies both featured here.

Learn about Virtuality in our new Info Center.

Billboards to help you learn where to create an avatar, buy land or view our new Destination Guide.

Newly designed Virtuality Welcome Island.

Christmas with DJ Johnny
Where: Virtuality Welcome
When: 4 years ago [23 Dec 2017 11:00 SLT]

Impromptu set with DJ Johnny on our own Welcome Island. Come enjoy some hot cocoa, wonderful holiday music and amazing company!!

DJ Kirsten Rockin' the Island
Where: Virtuality Welcome
When: 4 years ago [3 Dec 2017 10:00 SLT]

DJ Kirsten will be spinning your fave's and taking requests for the morning! Come enjoy her music and company!! All are welcome to come enjoy our friendly, community atmosphere and find out why Virtuality is fast becoming one of THE best places to be!!