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RL ... Ex London backline tech living in Wales UK. .Very happily married to Frufru De-fru across HG.

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Friendly recluse. Just here to build and help promote GroovyVerse. Which is an awesome grid :)

My Interests

Medieval and Roman Archaeology
Rock Climbing
Stone Carving
Parkour, I'm too old for it now but check out Storror on Youtube and blow your mind.

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Confusion is not necessarily an impediment

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Inisfree 0 Users
Central Hub for the Inisfree Archipelago in
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Eday 0 Users
Remote island in the Scottish Orkneys, Wet weather gear essential. No sunbathing! It frightens the sheep!
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Junkyard City

Great region, always worth a check when I'm building another ghetto. Thank you so much for your sharing :)

Free Life Freebie Freeway

Love what you do Victor. Sharing is indeed caring.

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