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My husband and I have a home in Virtuality grid called Southern Oasis. Come by and visit anytime. Construction is still underway but we are working constantly to create a beautiful vista with horse trails with cuddle spots, even a sky ballroom for romantic evenings. Pandora region is now in the works.

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Welcome to our Southern Oasis! Enjoy Horse trails, Caves, Hidden cuddle spots - Romantic dancing in a Garden in the clouds! Rez a boat, horse even an elephant! This is a collage of lands we had created in other worlds. New constructions all the time! Most of our items are free to copy - Everyone is ...
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I love your sim. Very nice quality items. I think I was having issues with my viewer today as I only saw a few buildings, but I do visit here often! Thank you!

Social Shopping District

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GRID :) Social Mouse you are awesome! Thank you for the welcome. My husband and I are so happy to be here.


I loved my short visit on this sim. It is absolutely beautiful I will be back to explore more tomorrow !!! Excellent building - Thank you for the cute Christmas Items :)) I loved what I saw and can't wait to return. Excellent addition to O.S. :) thank you for all of your hard work. xoxo

Virtuality Welcome

Virtuality is 1 year old!!! The Birthday Party started today 19th and continues throughout the weekend on 10/21! Everyone is welcome!! Dj's, Sploders, Fashion Show On Sunday!! - Come on by and visit a while. Could even win a Sim for a Year! Allot going on :) We hope to see you there!

Living Waters

I loved it! Beautiful sim and had a wonderful time finding the treasures! I will definitely be back. :)

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