IMA Outpost Alpha

IMA Outpost Alpha
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We are getting ready for Halloween!

IMA Outpost Alpha is a celebration of creative commons in Open Simulator. Dedicated to the community with content built by the community with attribution, it contains: Meeting Areas; Freebies; a Mariner's Museum; Beaches; Heliports; a Breakwater Raceway; Jetskis; Sailboats; Powerboats; Jetbikes; Interactive Games; a Zombie Zone (Combat); a Farm Zone (Group membership required); and a Party Zone available for events with full lighting controls and DJ board. This immersive region size (1024m x 1024m) is equivalent to 16 standard regions but it does contain some teleports and teleport panels to help you get around the region. For best experience, we recommend you use region windlight, auto play media, auto play music, and turn up sounds while exploring. There is a group join object inside the cabin. Have fun and Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Benvenuti! Bem-Vindos!

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We are in the process of moving from Metropolis Metaversum to Metaverse Depot. Please pardon our dust :)
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Jo has added some more avatars for hypergridders! You will now find another human couple and a lion and lioness for the furry crowd! Drop by and check it out :)
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I just finished DJing here- What a great group and atmosphere! Loads a bit slow but that's nothing in the scheme of things...this group is all about Community and sustainability in the virtual world, very professionally managed AND throws great parties too!- Cataplexia Numbers
IMA does a lot of work in the background to benefit Opensim and their parties are out of this metaverse! Lots of fun to be had & it's run by really great people! Thirsty Thursday, their monthly event is always the highlight of my month!
Its a great club and has some fantastic DJ's every month, its a must see site.
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