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Flaire Theater features Burlesque shows daily. Come by and see the show! Now with PUBLIC buttons that let you see the show anytime you choose!

Public Productions Now
Where: Flaire
When: 2 years ago [27 Sep 2019 06:50 SLT]

At our new location...I have set the three main shows for public access.....

Look for the big arrow pointing down to the green box. Click it! Watch the show!! It's great fun....!!!

Be sure to set your audio prefs to "auto" and "let scripts play audio"!!!!

We had to leave Nara's Nook and have re-located to Open Sim Grid. Same great shows...same professional dancers !!

Pop over and get a behind the scenes tour of what it takes to design, stage and produce an exciting Burlesque show in Open Sim. Meet the up and coming stars. View the detailed stage props area. Talk with the Producer and Director - Jessie Campbell.

Do YOU design? Clothes? Sets? Props? Ask about helping out behind stage.

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Bobbi Fox Totally amazing. Go see for yourself :)

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Justin Ireman 11 months ago
It is my sad duty to announce that Jessie Campbell was suffering life threatening illness for a number of years. Although we cannot confirm with 100% accuracy - it is the belief of both Bobbi and myself that sadly Jessie has left us. She has not been heard from for well over 6 months despite several attempts to contact her. With this in mind as her friend and region host I will be moving her region Flaire to my own grid - http://avalonia-virtual.online:8002 (Then search for "Flaire" on arrival) - for archiving It will still be accessible to the public but as my grid is hosted on a home server (not computer) concurrent visitor numbers will be limited to 2 at a time to avoid lag. I am very happy to keep Jessie's memory alive and honour her work by keeping it online, albeit on a new home.
Yara Qi 4 months ago
As an old friend of her I can say Jessie sometimes dissapears for years and then come back, so I am not sure she has left us. Maybe do a search for Carson Hadlee, that's her alt at Deviant Art.
Frankie Rockett 3 years ago
Simply THE best Burlesque show in OpenSim anywhere. Jessie's creative work on design, scripting and matching music and choreography is second to no one at all! Give your head a treat and get over there, find out when the next show is and - see you there!
Typhaine Artez 4 years ago
Loved the concept, surely something to improve, extend, and to get famous! Thank you for the creativity, it's always a blast when discovering those kind of things :)
Thirza Ember 4 years ago
Brilliant shows, beautiful design, bedazzling scripting... unmissable
Belovedly BaZil 5 years ago
Ms Jessie is creating some magic, here... sweet dreams... they're made of these. And who am I to disagree? :] ♥
oopsee Joseppe 5 years ago
OMG, what Jessie is creating here is WOW amazing ... also very interesting how the technology is being applied .. so from an artists view WOW .. from a tech view WOWOW