The Lost Gardens of Apollo

The Lost Gardens of Apollo
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some may remember: "The Lost Gardens of Apollo" once have been an well known place at SL, build there by Dane Zander. Online 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfect rebuild by Delphi Bernard an approved by Dane himself. An place worth to be seen for all who miss or missed the Original

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Cataplexia 3 years
This region takes me back to my early roots in Second Life when it stood as an architectural marvel in the virtual world- Pre mesh and EVEN pre sculpty!! Its a shining tribute to what beauty can be created with ordinary prims and a heaping dose of creativity! I am so happy to rediscover it intact and in Open Sim! - Cataplexia Numbers
ligia 3 years
oh the memories!! glad to see it again! :)
Marianna 3 years
I too missed this so much, thank you for capturing the ambiance.
sniksnoodle 3 years
Beautiful, thanks so much :)
anonymous 4 years
I never saw it in SL but it is wonderful to see more and more SL folks see that they can rebuild very inexpensively in OpenSim.

It also allows people to hypergate in from all over the Hyperverse-)
Echelon 4 years
Holy crow. I never got to experience the original, but exploring this region has been incredibly moving. This will easily be someplace I'll be back to again.
Bruce 4 years
Thank you for the reincarnation of the lost gardens ... brings back a lot of fond memories
AmethystJetaime 4 years
I was so sad to see the original closed. Thanks for bringing it back.
thailow 4 years
I loved it in SL... still love it in OS.... thanks to give us the possibility to spend dreaming hours once more.
CherryManga 4 years
So many hours spent in the lost gardens....Thanks for this rebirth!
oopsee 4 years
beautiful place .... sl loss is opensim gain

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Amazing place great work love it .
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