Garden Island

Garden Island
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A peaceful and relaxing garden. Stroll the gardens, stop by the National Aviary or take a dip in the pool at the bath house. Relaxation is the key on Garden Island. Garden Island and the regions bordering it follow a 3 season pattern. Jan-Aug is Summer, Sept-Nov is Autumn with a Halloween theme, December is winter with Holiday and Christmas theme.

(Note: All regions on Exo-Life Virtual World are mesh free)

Jason Vorhees might be seen on Garden Island looking for a new victim, don't get caught.

Autumn has arrived on Garden Island. The 6 seasonal regions will be in autumn until November 24th.

Exo-Life Costume Party
Where: Garden Island
When: 6 years ago [29 Oct 2016 17:00 SLT]

The 3rd Annual Exo-Life Costume Party, dancing, raffles, & contest for best costume. Event held at the Aviary Plaza on Garden Island Region. Open to all 17:00-20:00

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Passion Jumanji If you have a MESH avy! DON'T GO HERE! You will be deformed, even when you go home, & relog! You stay deformed! I'm STILL trying to fix these issues! Very sad . . . I came here & invited my friend to come with me & lost half my mesh avatar. I went home & relogged and am still having avatar issues. ...
wicked This land is neatly done and nice but it is mainly for standard/ classic avi's prim and flexi type stores. I went there in my mesh avi as i go everywhere and Two of us went to this land and both of us after landing there ended up with avatar issues that we are having issues trying to fix. I relogged...
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