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Freebie Island
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Conveniently located next to Sandbox Island the General Merchandise shopping center on Freebie Island offers a selection of building supplies such as scripts, textures, and sculpt maps. It also provides a smaller selection of avatar items such as clothes, skins, hair, along with plants, furniture, l...
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Memorial Island
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Holocaust Memorial taking the form of the New Old Synagogue in Prague, also includes a memorial to grid residents no longer with us. A very peaceful setting with classical music audio
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Garden Island
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A peaceful and relaxing garden. Stroll the gardens, stop by the National Aviary or take a dip in the pool at the bath house. Relaxation is the key on Garden Island. Garden Island and the regions bordering it follow a 3 season pattern. Jan-Aug is Summer, Sept-Nov is Autumn with a Halloween theme, Dec...
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Jason Vorhees might be seen on Garden Island looking for a new victim, don't get caught.

Autumn has arrived on Garden Island. The 6 seasonal regions will be in autumn until November 24th.

SheaButter: Nicely done! Well organized. 1 years ago
Exo-Life Costume Party
Where: Garden Island
When: 7 years ago [29 Oct 2016 17:00 SLT]

The 3rd Annual Exo-Life Costume Party, dancing, raffles, & contest for best costume. Event held at the Aviary Plaza on Garden Island Region. Open to all 17:00-20:00

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