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Nice exclusive Furniture for You
Adult Furniture, Erotic Furniture, Sex Furniture, Master & Mistress Chairs, Sex Bed, BDSM furniture, Toys, Cuckold furniture, Chaise, Femdom furniture, Maledom furniture, Chairs, Sofa, Swinger, Couch, Lalou, Sex Beds,
Support :

1. Support 2P and 3P roleplays (1 dom, 1 or 2 subs)
2. 255 quality adult animations (no free / cheap ones)
- 6 single animations (2 for dom, 3 for sub1, and 1 for sub2)
- 222 hot and smooth adult 2P animations (111 sync 2P poses for dom / sub1 adult)
- 27 hot and smooth adult 3P animations (9 sync 3P poses for dom / sub1 / sub2 adult)
5. No pose balls
6. 100% menu driven and 100% mesh
////////////// Menu ////////////////

**** Solo ****
The Float can be used alone as it includes, both solo pg, and adult animations.
- Solo Tube, Solo Lay & Sit, Solo Swim (F or M) for using alone, they may overlap other solo poses, except the swim ones that can be used for all 3 sitters at same time.
- Solo Adult for sitter F & M
- Also includes hang on float and swim animations for seat 3.

**** Cuddles & Cuddle more ****
- Sweet cuddles on the float and in the water for first and second seat.( F & M seat)

**** Adult M/F ****
Couples sex are available as M/F , FF and MM (F & M seat)
- The Float comes with couple adult poses for a hot sexy time. There are Foreplay, Lick, BJ, Facing, Behind, Finish, FF and MM categories.

**** 3 Friends ****
- Where the three can sit together without cuddle.

**** FFM ****
- FFM Cuddles and Adult animations.
The adult animations are divided into Straight and bi, where the straight don't go down on the other girl.

**** MMF ****
- MMF Cuddles and Adult.
Onelife - Sun Lounger
////////////// Menu ////////////////

**** Solo ****
The solo seats of the set is perfect to use alone or with others. It includes nice lounger sits and lays for seat 1 and 2, and sits on the ottoman or ground for seat 3. Both pg and adult masturbation animations for all.

**** Couples ****
Many sweet cuddles included in the lounger set.
- Sweet M/F cuddles for first and second seat.
- FF cuddles for seat 1 & 3.
- MM cuddles for seat 2 & 3.
New for this is that huggles that fits avatars with same size are included for seat 1 and 2 as well.

**** Adult ****
- Lots of high quality smooth hot animations included! There are foreplay, Lick, BJ, Ride, Other, and Finish categories.

**** 3 sitters ****
- FFM and MMF Cuddles for a sweet time.
- FFM Adult, a lot of hot 3some animations
- MMF Adult, sexy steaming sex animations.

DocMercury: Well that's a shame that I used to be able to get there and now I can't :( 5 months ago

A stylish BDSM ceiling Rack that fits equally well in a designed living- or bedroom, or in the darkest dungeon.

Noah Wolf: have fun 5 months ago

A stylish BDSM pole that fits equally well in a designed living- or bedroom, or in the darkest dungeon.

Pagane: Amimations not work for 2 persons, after move to adjust in room freeze and cannot delete, not reset nothing.... I see same results years ago with Sacrarium protections and hiden scripts. And yes i alw... 5 months ago
Onelife - Barstool Bisque v1.1
////////////// Menu ////////////////

**** Solo ****
The solo animations includes nice barstool sits and stands.
Both pg and adult masturbation animations..

**** Couples ****
Sweet cuddles lean against barstool, sitting and standing categories.

**** Spankings ****
Three hot spankings

**** Adult ****
- MF sex poses for both couples are positioned around and on the table, with easy swap between the couples. There are foreplay, Lick, BJ, Ride, Other, FF, MM and Finish categories.
Onelife - Hard Play Canopy Bed
////////////// Menu ////////////////

**** Solo sits ****
- Chill
- Tied
- Masturbation

**** Sleep ****
- Sleep under a blanket

**** Maledom ****
- He Spanks
- Tied Tease
- Hang Tease
- Hang Oral
- Tied BJ
- Tied Sex
- Hang Sex
- Play Rough

**** Femdom ****
- She Spanks
- Feet
- Bound Tease
- Bound Sex
- Lick Her
- Prep Strap-on
- Pegging

**** Sexy time ****
- Foreplay
- Oral
- Sex
- More Sex
- FF
- MM
Chair - Milano (Adult)
////////////// Menu ////////////////

**** Solo ****
- It has 15 solo female and 10 solo male pg sit animations, plus 3 female and 4 male masturbating animations.

**** Cuddles ****
- 14 sweet sit together and cuddles animations.

**** Adult ****
- 31 high quality smooth sexy adult animations are included for a lot of steaming hot moments together.

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