Friends Adult


"I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world"

I am blessed to be given the opportunity to live, work and play at Friends Grid. Thank you Safine.
Thank you also to the rich and diverse community amazing people that I am lucky to call FRIENDS!

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Okay, why didn't anyone tell me about this place before?? This is what the OpenSim is about, not another "cookie cutter" place. One can tell that it took time and care to create this world. Creativity and Imagination.
To be honest, I spent most of my time exploring the Reef, go climb on a seahorse and let your imagination run wild. Making sure I fit exploring more into my schedule.


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Es un lugar muy bello, lleno de cosas lindas y Safine siempre esta dispuesta a ayudarte. Ella es el alma del lugar♥

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Wow! Gorgeous, smooth-running and friendly. A DEF must-see, must-spend-time. Awesome work.

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Es un lugar hermoso, bien decorado, con muchos lugares para recorrer y explorar y lo mejor es que Safine ha puesto su alma para que todos puedan vivir felices. Gracias amiga por tu hacer esto para todos!! eres increible....Le doy 10000 estrellas ♥

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Nico Kalani
Giving 5 stars to the grid that provides me with a home is a no-brainier. But let me tell you why Friends Grid deserves it. Owner Safine Mahoe, and the rest of the residents exemplify the spirit of friendship. Safine generously provides me with a large amount of land to support my shop oh HELLO, my artistic effort at Aether, and the original but often odd themes of my other sims, such as the Dead-End Drive-In. I could say more -- but I don't have to. Read the other reviews. They are all true. Come visit!

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Zuzu Bahro
I moved to Friends Grid a couple of months ago and I am so happy I did. All the residents are so friendly and helpful. Safine and Serina went out of their way to make me feel wanted and welcome. The island I was given to live on is lag free, very big and with a super generous prim allowance.
If you are looking for a permanent home with amazing neighbors, you really should come see us at Friends Grid.

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I don't usually do many positive reviews because if its good it will speak for itself through your own experience. And so all I really have to say is visit and you'll find for yourself, a great group of people, regions and builds to explore with a variety of things to keep you busy. I've been here since its inception and am happy to call it a home, you may also!

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This beautiful soul of a powerful woman (Safine) has once again managed to bring together a rapidly and steadily growing region and a group of outstanding, friendly people. - What we all mean by "friends" becomes clear here.
A natural, open cohesion and support in every respect as well as the very pleasant way of communicating with a lot of fun and activity seem to be a matter of course here. A huge ^5 and thanks to all my Neighbors and friends on the Friends Grid :))

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Courreges Malatesta
Friends-Grid is much more than a place to live. There's a "Friends spirit" you'll feel when you visit.
It's also a place for everyone: builders, sailors and even people who come online to chill and chat, like me .
Incredible regions + charming people = 5 stars !

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This is a great grid! I love all the people who are this grid. The owner (Safine Mahoe) is very generous, and fun! I sail around, and watch the most beautiful sims that people made! A real resting point!

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Serina Gee
This may seem slightly biased because I live on Firends-Grid. But I live there for a number of reasons.

The first is the owner, Safine Mahoe, who is the most generous and kind hearted person I ever met.

Second is the people. Everyone supports each other whatever your level of skill or experience.

Third is the place itself. There is so much to do and see from sailing, to horse riding, exploring the reef in a mermaid outfit or killing zombies!

p.s. .... having Xinashi at Friends is also a huge bonus!!!

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