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Start your weekend with an amazing EDM set by Pin!

July 5 12pm

Location: Party Mountain on Friends Region

Attire: Casual or Bikini (location is a pool)

ZenRieko: If you aren't here, get here. If you are here, do not leave. The music is fresh, funky and such a treat for the ears and the feet. Pin is really crushing it. 8 days ago
It's time to have a little fun!!!

today, Saturday, June 15 1pm

come join DJ Lion King for some amazing Rock, Latin and Disco.


In addition to the dance....we want to see some hot bikinis! is time to find your Bikinis.....Cause we are giving away Casino money!

Tiniest Bikini - $100,000

Most Stylish one piece - $50,000

Best itty bitty polka dot bikini - $50,000

Guys, maybe we will find a special prize for the dude who Rocks board shorts the best!

Zuzu Bahro: We will be here until 3 - come join us! 28 days ago
Some days we want some nice gentle peaceful music.....

and other days we want to ROCK!!!!!!!!!

We want the good pounding music we remember from years ago........Rolling Stones, AC- DC, Aerosmith and much more. We want to ROCK!!!!!!!

Classic Rock Fest

Saturday May 18 1 pm


DJ Lion King

come for the the awesome tunes, and leave with cash.....Casino cash! I will be giving away $500,000 casino cash during our Rock Trivia contest.

Find a bikini....or dress casual....and come out to the Party Mountain pool and party with friends!

PinDeluca: Oooo DJ ON FIRE ! 2 months ago

DJ Lion King is Rocking the Place!

Come on over and enjoy the music!

Party at the Pool with DJ Lion King

Saturday May 11 2pm

Put on your bikini or shorts...and come party with DJ Lion King!

We have the music that will get you moving!

Rock cumbia merengue salsa classic rock lambada


Safinemahoe2: DJ Lion King has brought the music! Put on your bikini or something casual and come to Party Mountain! 2 months ago
Teleporting Issues?

I just became aware of a major flaw with firestorm and the solution that is on the Firestorm download page. I have been unable to TP unless I relog for last 3 days. After much research I realized this was a Firestorm SLURL issue.

Go to the firestorm download page and you will see the above information.

I have not changed my viewer settings or added any new viewers; but it appears some upgrade (probably windows) caused the SLURL function in Firestorm to no longer work properly.

As I follow up....I am teleporting perfectly now after installing this.

I am encosing the notes from firestorm :

What is this ?
SLURL Proxy is an application that will handle SLURLs on your Windows system. Clicking a SLURL on the web,
will open SLURL proxy, which will forward the SLURL to the viewer you have chosen.

Why is that interesting ?
Various Second Life viewers you might, or may already have installed, modify the way SLURLs are handled on your system,
and often cause problems when you uninstall certain viewers.

SLURL Proxy provides a user friendly way to correct this.

Upon start up, SLURL Proxy will check to see if it's the default SLURL handler.
If it is not, it will inform you about that, and ask you if you'd like to use SLURL Proxy as default instead.

When you have set SLURL Proxy as default,(or even before that) you can simply drag one or more viewer shortcuts onto the application window,
and they should be listed with viewer name, and icon.

SLURL Proxy allows you to add several viewers, and one always needs to be the default viewer to use.
The default viewer is the one where the checkbox is checked.
If you would like to change the default viewer, simply click the viewer of your choice in the list.

That's it.

If you wish to set a viewer as default SLURL handler instead of SLURL proxy, then you simply need to click
Set other SLURL handler in the menu, and drag the shortcut of your favourite viewer onto the window.

Requires .NET 3.5 and only runs on Windows

KrisTina: Thats realllllllll old. blinks 2 months ago
What is this little island?


This little island can help people live their virtual dreams:

yes...this island is Dreams

approx 1 sim in size,
water is connected to entire grid for amazing sailing
10,000 prim
rent free!

However, we are very selective about who we add at friends-grid. We do not want house collectors who get free land on every grid...then never use it. That is a waste of our time and resources.

If you want to make this your main home and be an active part of a growing community , then maybe we should talk.....

about this little island making YOUR dreams come true.

Contact @zuzubahro or @safinemahoe2 for details.
This week a resident commented to me:

"I cannot believe people here actually talk to eachother...these are real people!
This is not like where I used to live......the people there were not real people"

friends-grid......we are a collection of real people and cultures.

*friends-grid does use animesh for atmosphere, but does not and will not use bots to alter traffic counts. I applaud the grids and regions who refuse to use fake traffic!

Mistressdalgato: I applaud you as well 3 months ago

Safinemahoe2: We've got the girls....and the rum....and DJ Anthony has the best rock from the 80's and 90's! come on out! 3 months ago
Recently I have had a number of people requesting that I allow child avatars at friends-grid and I want to discuss this openly and honestly.

It is not my place to try and push my morals and values upon others....however, as a grid owner, it is my place to learn the laws of every country involved. In this situation, I need to understand the Child pornography laws of not only where our servers are located, but I also had to research and learn the laws of every country we have residents and guests from. We currently have residents from 30 countries and guests from another 35. People who say "laws dont apply " are incorrect on this subject. You may have servers in one country.....but all the laws of your resident's countries come into play also.

A good thing to remember is that because you have gotten away with something for 10 years does not make it legal. You may never get caught....and then again.....somebody with a grudge may turn you in.

I want to point out a recent post by Jerralyn Franzic . Jerralyn showed the cutest childs outfit ever! ....and she also made the wisest statement ...."I don't understand the hatred towards child avis in Open Sim. Sure, they shouldn't engage in adult activities and maybe not hang in Adult sims but otherwise, what's the problem?" Personally I would love to see kids riding ponies at my farm....and having fun being mermaids. If everyone in child avi were to abide by Jerralyn's statement, there would not be an issue.

However, lets talk about reality. Not all child avis are simply riding ponies and playing in the water. The simple truth is that many (not all) of these child avis are having sex. Some grids use this to boost their traffic. In some countries, including US, the graphic illustration of a child online having sex is 100% illegal. You see, it does not matter if the person behind the computer is 12 or 52......the visual computer generated depiction of a child (child avatar) involved in sex is very illegal in a number of countries. 18 U.S.C. § 2252 Many people will say their countries are different....and this is stupid. I did not make laws........but I need to abide by them. Before people jump on this and criticize me ....I would suggest you read the laws of your country....your servers country...and the laws of all your residents or guests. There are many misinformed people on this subject. I am not saying the laws are right or wrong......but learn the laws.....then comment. You need to learn laws for your servers country...and all your guests countries. This post is not about is about laws....of all the countries involved.

I have spent over 200 hours reading international laws. Some countries allow things that others do not. However, you have to consider all the laws because of guests.

In I hate kids and kids avis......nooooooo. I would love to be able to allow them to come to friends grid. However, this is a less than perfect world in which we live, and I have to look at the potential liability of allowing those child avis. Because of that, Child avis are not allowed on exceptions! I am sad....because there are some wonderful people in kids avis that I do not get to have visit.

Friends-grid is an Adult community and we are looking for adults, with adult avi's who want to make this their main opensim home.

Sodasullivan: I think this is the proper way to address this issue Safine. You are setting the rules YOU are comfortable with on YOUR region. I am fine having my region open to everyone as long as they agree to fol... 3 months ago

Holaaaaaa Amigos

DJ Eunice

Bailar Ahora!

Latin * Brasil * Argentina

DJ Eunice
playing the music you love!


Brazilian *** Latin ***** Argentine

Dance or hang out in pool
Attire: casual, bikini or nude


Holaaaaa Amigos

Ven de fiesta con nosotros!

4:00pm hoy (2-17-24)


Ellen: Fun people and amazing music!!! 5 months ago


DJ Graywolf


Ellen: Beautiful party today, Safine! Thank you! 5 months ago

~ Morgan Freeman

KatKakoola: Life can be like a frantic, hot kitchen - try to be non-stick cookware 5 months ago

Pagane: Do you notice we are talking to ourselves? None of the drama queens pooped here? I thank them for blocking us and we can discuss without their hysterical attacks :) 5 months ago
For the last 3 weeks, I have dealt with a intermittent issue on my grid that has about driven me nuts. I have tested, and eliminated possibilities …..without luck.

Yesterday two of the largest grid owners in open sim, Lone Wolf from Wolf Territories and Josh Boam from Aviworlds, took time from their busy schedules to help finally fix this issue. In addition , Rafael from Wolf Territories assisted. I cannot say thanks enough!

Although I work with Josh’s hosting business, this involved much more. Josh would not give up and recruited Lone Wolf.

In my opinion, maybe this is what opensim was designed to be: sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

Lone Wolf and Josh did not have to give up their time to help a tiny grid…..but they did!

Maybe we can all learn from these individuals!

Sharing knowledge is Caring

FYI. The default setting of 2 threadsets can cause major headaches depending on your region….it is way too low in some cases. You all probably know that…but I learned.

thedeeferry: So, OpenLife has me blocked, so I cannot reply directly to its comment. Nor can I send it a private message which I prefer. I apologize to any others if what I type now offends you. This is directe... 5 months ago
The early morning sun paints the sky with warm, golden hues as it rises on the horizon. The gentle caress of the wind fills the sail of the boat, propelling it effortlessly over the calm and glistening water. It's a perfect start to the day, with the promise of adventure and tranquility ahead.

As you gaze out over the water, you're treated to a mesmerizing sight. Majestic whales breach the surface, their massive bodies breaking through the shimmering waves, and they emit powerful spouts of water as they exhale. Their playful antics in the water create a sense of wonder and awe, as if they are celebrating the new day's beginning.

Amongst the whales, elegant manta rays gracefully glide through the water, their wings undulating like ethereal dancers. They add a touch of grace and beauty to the scene, as if nature itself is putting on a spectacular show just for you.

It's a moment of pure serenity and connection with the natural world.


...some people call it home!

Life is short, and it is here to be lived - Kate Winslet

Warning ....the underwater world at friends-grid has over 5,000 fish and sea animals. Those with allergies should approach with caution.

Some of our most awesome residents are noobies!

PinDeluca: Awww I love him !!!!! Where can i get one ? 9 months ago

A group of people from around the globe, living and interacting with one another in a small community.

The people in this small community affect each other through:

Collaboration, Conversations and Caring,

Interacting, Inventing and Implementation;

Boosting, Building and Blossoming,

Friending, Forgiving and Focusing;

Encouraging, Empowering and Exploring,

Laughing, Learning and Lifting.

If this sounds like a place you would like to call home, please contact Grid Hostess @ZuzuBahro

We have a limited number of complimentary premium islands that are available for individuals wanting to make friends-grid their main home.

Monthly rent -$0
Prim allowance - 10,000

KrisTina: Evil never ran away from hippies holding a peace sign, would be nice if they did. 10 months ago

its about the people.....

and a few beautiful horses!

for rental information on qualifying for your own free island, please contact @Zuzubahro

Sailing alone is fun.......
Sailing with friends is AWESOME!

Come explore friends-grid anytime and enjoy our waters.
Group Sail - every Sunday 12 noon

for rental information - @Zuzubahro

This is where the Party is.......Where are you?

Aviworlds 5,000 resident Party
Live music
rum to steal
lots of people

Rogue Galaxy
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴3:p - 5:p ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ CASUAL∵∴ ❈
» Ride: hop://
Why do people live at friends-grid?

There are many places you could choose in Opensim

*Make friends from all around the globe
* focus on people and community
* most detailed underwater worlds in open sim
*fully connected grid offering excellent sailing
*horse riding through Friends Farm and the rain forest
*Surfing, wind surfing, kayak surfing and body surfing
*Xinashi region and Oh Hello clothing store
*Annihilation region - zombie apocalyptic rp
*Large selection of boats available at our public Marina
*open water areas and extremely tight sailing areas
*Sail with a group every Sunday at noon
*stunning landscapes
* Friends Casino - no money to buy
* Coming Soon - Fantasia region, Darwin Region, F1 track, Hispanic Center, The Retreat and much more!

These are all great reasons....but the main reason people come to friends-grid is the PEOPLE! We would love to have you come visit friends-grid!

We currently have 65,000 sq m island parcels available with 10,000 prims for rent. These rentals are free....we are simply looking for people who want to be a part of our growing community....not simply collect homes on every grid.

For rental information contact Safine Mahoe, Zuzu Bahro or Serina Gee

Sailing on tropical waters with friends as the sun sets can be a magical experience. The warm weather, clear skies, and tranquil waters create the perfect setting for a memorable day.

As you sail along the friends-grid, you'll likely encounter stunning views of palm-fringed beaches, crystal-clear waters, and maybe even some marine life swimming alongside your boat. The gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of water splashing against the hull add to the serene atmosphere.

As the sun begins to set, the sky will be painted with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple, creating a breathtaking scene. Watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting its golden glow across the water, is a moment of pure beauty and tranquility.

pic by Serina Gee
I have a crazy idea! I want to share a few names of places/services I have found to be AWESOME.

Maybe others can reply on this thread and we can all learn some new places to visit.

Ok. Here is my start

Camballa- home decor section. Love it!

Alternate meta verse - amazing freebies for fantasy landscaping

Flora - I love landscaping and this place is well organized

Houses - on AMV region. Massive selection of houses, tree houses, castles

Neiferleaf - this medieval region comes to life with detailed landscaping and Roland’s beautiful horses.

Agora - I need a semi truck for all the awesome clothing I find there

Safinemahoe2: Ok, I need some help from you all. I love new shopping places….and new places to explore. Please add some of the places you consider AWESOME! Lunaria - this is not a freebies region, but the ... 11 months ago
The rainforest is a lush, green paradise filled with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. As you ride your horse through the dense foliage, you'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. You might spot colorful birds flying overhead, hear the calls of howler monkeys, and catch glimpses of exotic plants and flowers.

As you venture deeper into the rainforest, you might encounter light showers or drizzles. This is common in tropical rainforests, and the rain adds to the magical ambiance of the environment. The canopy of trees will provide some shelter from the rain, but you may also appreciate the refreshing sensation of riding through the gentle rainfall.

After a thrilling ride, you'll eventually reach the cool waterfall. The sound of rushing water will grow louder as you approach, and the anticipation will build. Once you arrive, you'll be greeted by a breathtaking sight: a majestic waterfall cascading down from above into a sparkling pool below. The area around the waterfall might be lush and green, creating a peaceful oasis. It is a perfect day!

“Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.” Woodrow Wilson

for information on friends-grid, please contact @ZuzuBahro

Our back yard is a little different!

contact @ZuzuBahro for rental info

Sailing with friends
today at 12 noon

sail, jetski, speedboat

we dont care....just bring some rum for us to steal!

Head to Friends Marina to start

Sail with Friends
Sunday at 12 noon

I don't know port from starboard....I get real confused on the sailing talk, and the headwinds have made me say some really bad words at times. You see.....I am not a sailor.....but I have learned to love sailing
...........and I do know how to have fun!

We have a group of friends who sail every Sunday at noon.. Last Sunday we had 5 sailboats and we were escorted by two airboats!

We try to be our fellow boaters.....but occasionally there might be a bump or scratch ...(some days we all need brakes on boats) ; ) If you bump boats, we dont get all mad......but, you just owe two bottles of rum and a bikini top ; )

This is not quite as structured as the Palm Beach Yacht Club, but I think we have a lot more fun! We take things a little less serious than some Yacht Clubs. In our group we have some expert sailors and some novices and some speedboat drivers......but that makes it perfect!

If you want to meet people, but don't sail, come on out and join us! You can ride with us or drive a speedboat. We don't have attitudes, but we do have fun!

Here's the important info

Waypoints - any place with rum to steal
final destination - who knows
SF Sail - ok (preferred)
winds - I use e 25, but don't care what you use.
trim - manual or auto
Bwind - ok
Speedboat - ok
Airboat - ok
Jetski - ok
bikini on - ok
bikini off - ok
Smiles are required!

* boats are available or you may rezz your own

photo by Serina Gee

Where are all these Moving Trucks going?


“Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.” Woodrow Wilson

Zuzu Bahro: I love my new home! Everyone has been friendly and welcoming. 1 years ago
Mi nombre es Safine y soy el dueño de la red de amigos. Aunque no hablo bien el idioma español, el pueblo hispano siempre tendrá un lugar especial en mi corazón. Tengo que usar un traductor, y probablemente cometer muchos errores, pero tengo un gran corazón.

He decidido hacer algo muy diferente. En la red de amigos, voy a desarrollar una villa hispana sim de 36 muy especial.

Si alguien está haciendo esto, no quiero ofender ni copiar de ninguna manera. Esto es algo que he querido hacer desde hace mucho tiempo.

Al principio, este pueblo albergará a unos 14 residentes hispanos, cada uno con un gran paquete de 1 sim isla en nuestras aguas marinas. Además, quiero trabajar con alguien que elija vivir aquí para ayudarme a desarrollar un centro de aldea de 9 sim. Este centro podría incluir compras, recursos, entretenimiento y cultura. Estoy dispuesto a expandirme, pero primero quiero llenar esto.

Estoy buscando gente que quiera vivir en la red de amigos y estar involucrada. No quiero coleccionistas que raramente aparecen.

El centro del pueblo tomará tiempo para construir, pero tengo algunas islas que están disponibles inmediatamente para los residentes.

Si usted está interesado en ser parte de esta especial Villa Hispana, por favor contacte con safinemahoe2 en el mundo abierto sim. Trabajo y a menudo me cuesta llegar debido a las zonas horarias, por favor póngase en contacto conmigo en Osw.

Por favor, comprenda que acogemos con beneplácito todas las nacionalidades en la red de amigos…. y tengo espacios disponibles para otros.

Este proyecto es algo de mi corazón para mis amigos hispanos.

Una vez más……. por favor, envíeme un mensaje directo sobre la OSW si está interesado en ser parte de esta aldea hispana en la red de amigos.

victorialogan: desde que te conozco ,y ya hace varios años, jajajaj, siempre demostraste ser una persona solidaria y desinteresada. Esas actitudes son realmente admirables. Un abrazo muy fuerte. since I've known y... 1 years ago
Just wanted to give a shout out to the team that has made friends-grid totally rock!

Sometimes the techies get overlooked, and they are the people who make this virtual world possible.

friends-grid is not a simple job to run….it is probably a pain in the butt because I have a minor addiction to scripts.

These guys are how I hosted a huge party yesterday with 31 people and 8,000 scripts in that region alone…. with no lag!

Thank you hosting4opensim

The Party is going Wild!!!! Come join us at friends-grid

Safinemahoe2: A special thanks to all who came out.....all you people made it a very special evening! 1 years ago