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Clothing fitting, Athena, Reborn, Legacy, Hourglass, Decadence Guy

Check out the new selections of Outfits and Shoes.
Some in Sizes: Athena, Reborn, and Legacy.

Pagane: LOVE GRIMM!!!! 6 days ago

We have 3 new Athena Outfits on Grimm.. come check it out

Tatum Nova: Girls would look soooo pretty in this ^^ 4 months ago

some new Legacy for you to start out the New years with

KarinBecker: i like it in Athena .......please 5 months ago

OMG Ladies you aren't going to believe it.. 50 new Legacy Outfits at Grimm.. Come and get your Legacy On

Milly Money: Easily my favourite place for ladies clothing. If you haven't shopped here you are missing out :) 7 months ago

Trick or Treat at Grimm. Athena size only
and if you want something different we have costumes out at of the Forsaken

10 new Legacy outfits in the store, and only one of which come in Athena and Reborn

one more new outfit at Grimm.. comes in Athena Legacy and Reborn

4 NEW outfits at Grimm, not all sizes are available.

5 new outfits at Grimm for you to enjoy
Athena Legacy and Reborn Sizes

More New Outfits for Women all sizes

New Outfits for the ladies in all sizes..

we have found and fixed the problem with some grids not being able to access this region and grid.. Happy Shopping

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CAMINO ROSSE aquí hay miles de vestidos ,madre mía que barbaridad, mola mucho pero vete sin prisas porque ni en dos horas ves la mitad, me ha gustado sobre todo porque he encontrado cositas que yo tenia en SL y aquí no las podía comprar ,así que ya las tengo!!
Milly Money Genuinely THE place for Ladies clothing. Something for everyone. Modest, Sexy, Flashy, Glam, you name it. When I want new clothes, I come HERE :)
SheaButter I would give more stars, for this amazing selection of clothes and accessories. Thanks so much for sharing! Music rocks, great hours of fun.

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Hello, how are you because you closed your land for
vida dupla?
I love this place! OS grids have changed so much over the years! I have always loved the decadence body, there used to not be much for it. I arrived at grimm and i was in heaven. It is now one of my new favorite places to shop.
It's a shame the HG Body has been discontinued in SL, which means the designers arent going to be making too many more clothes for it in the future