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AMV Birthday
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AMV3B - Alternate Metaverse Grid Celebrates 3 Years!

Another year has passed in our happy home at Alternate Metaverse Grid and we continue to grow and flourish! Alternate Metaverse Stores & Products were founded and created by Cataplexia Numbers since 2006. Clifford Hanger began the grid in 2019 naming it VWorld originally. When they married, the grid was renamed to Alternate Metaverse, A name that stood for quality creations as it has for 16 years. The Grid became one of those. This Year- December 2-5 we Celebrate 3 years of our beautiful grid and its incredible residents, knowing we are built around them, beneath them and hand in hand with them!

This Celebration is on the NEW Region AMV Birthday, A Co-Creation of Ted Junior and Chris McCracken, two excellent builders and landscapers! There are a few touches by Cataplexia Numbers as well. We will start off with a Town Meeting to open on December 2nd and the inauguration of our Grid's Mayor, The lovely Taffy Star. The opening will also feature a speech by our Koryphon Academy Dean Of Education, Derrybeg Arabello, Followed by 4 days of Entertainment! Birthday

Alternate Metaverse 3rd Birthday Schedule of Events

Friday December 2nd

10:30am-12n Opening Ceremonies & Town Meeting
12n-1pm Elf Dream Storytelling with Yichard Muni - Garden Of Journies
1pm-2pm Clan & The Clan - Stage Of Wishes
2pm-3pm BG Singer - Stage Of Wishes
3pm -4pm Harper & Sum Stage Of Wishes

Saturday December 3rd

12noon-1pm Lonewolf Genesis Live - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
1pm-2pm Mr Mikie String Live - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
2pm-3pm Icky thump Live - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
3pm-4pm Khiron Ametza Live - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
4pm-5pm Cataplexia Numbers Sings Live - The Butterfly Stage
5pm-7pm PM DJ Chris McCracken - The Butterfly Stage

Sunday December 4th

1pm-2pm Ian Kitsilano - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
2pm-3pm Samuel James - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
3pm-4pmZoree Jupiter - The Living Stage (Main Stage)
4pm-5pm DJ Maia Antarra - The Butterfly Stage
5pm-6pm DJ Chris Dayellis - The Butterfly Stage

Monday December 5th

11am-1pm Dinkies Birthday Bash Extravaganza - The Enchanted Dinkies Stage


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