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United Federation Starfleet’s Astraios Colony is a science fiction roleplaying environment filled with starships, space stations, and exotic alien species, set in the Gamma Quadrant of the Star Trek Universe. The SS Astraios, our mammoth Space Station, is at the center of the experience, providing 19 decks of immersive future technology. The USS Neil Armstrong and the USS Argonaut are our ships for seeking out new life, new civilizations, and boldly going where no avatar has gone before. Weekly roleplay missions, sci-fi events, social gatherings, and other celebrations all year long. If a space adventuring lifestyle sounds like you, enlisting in Starfleet could be your ticket to a life less ordinary.

OPEN LECTURE: Is there life among the stars?
Where: Astraios Colony
When: 2 months ago [4 Jun 2022 10:00 SLT]

Biologist Rachel pfefferi will give an open lecture on the likelihood of encountering aliens in our galaxy, and what sort of aliens might evolve on its rocky planets and watery moons, as she summarises the state of astrobiology in 2022.

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Cataplexia Numbers Creative imaginative and fun region! Great builds!
TinaBey3d Me encanto esta Region con tantos detalles ,los que les gusta la ciencia ficcion estos son de los pocos lugares excelentes! Gran trabajo, ir con tiempo, mucho por ver!
Lone Wolf What an incredible build. Please folks go see this. I love all things space so this was a real treat. GREAT JOB

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