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Gothic club at cemetry , medieval village with market and church, fantasy park, beaches and winterland with xmas market

Like sun and beach than visit the beach islands with nice places to sit. enjoy a drink at the bar. find hidden places

hop:// Noctem/247/251/29

Switch to midnight and walk over the bridge from the medieval village to the cemetry with the coffin club. go inside and party, chat, dance and have fun with friends. there is gothic music 24/7 over the landradio. walk around the cemetry for a creepy feeling ;)

hop:// Noctem/163/100/22
visit the furnished castle, have a look at the kitchen, the alchemist labor or the bibliothek, the weapon chamber and a sleeping room or walk down to the cellar and look out for the imprisoneds. walk down the hill to the medieval village take a rest at the tavern with a cold ale or walk on to the medieval market. visit the church or go help the farmers at the field.

hop:// Noctem/455/83/52
Happy 4th Advent-Sunday.
Come and visit the romantic x-mas market in the middle of a winter village. have a rest at the fireplace or one of the benches. take iceskates and turn some rounds at the frozen lake. visit the houses and get some of the xmas feeling.
hop:// Noctem/310/383/2001
You all are invited to the Halloween Party at the Coffin Club.
Saturday 30th October from 9 to 11 AM Metaverse Ingame time. DJane Dragon is doing Halloween tunes, Gothic, EBM, Industrial and more. Come with your creepiest halloween costume and join the party.

hop:// Noctem/86/170/22

The Halloween Shop at the Mall is ready for shopping other shops are under construction. you find a teleporter to the other places of the sim. Come over and have a look.

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AnaKathy Sehr schöne Regionen mit ganz tollen und liebevoll gestalteten Orten zum besuchen und Vielem zum Mitnehmen. Auch der Shop ist toll. Danke an die Sim-Ownerin :)

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