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This is an older city that makes an AWESOME welcome center. It is all but impossible to find a 100% working entire city as the oars are damaged. Fortunately, I had this city in a 4 oar backup from simonastick, and pieced it as 1 whole large oar! haha! :D I also added the old avatar center to this city, and have definate plans to revamp the classrooms with remodelled shops, and newer content in the near future. ^^ At present it has a decent assortment of content for non mesh avatars, and several old avatars available to get started out with. ;) I am working on adding a movie area, and am open to suggestions for other content as well in the future. Currently it is a nice, island city, with an assortment of older content. It is also the starting area for the members of my world. Enjoy! :)

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Rogue Galaxy Very cool to see an older build like this! Thanks for sharing!

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This, by the way, is Nebadon Izumi & Oni Kenkon's famous Universal Campus OAR. I love to see it as vanilla as it comes, but on the other hand, I'm curious what Johnny will make out of it. (Add some food take-outs to go with the tables, please.)

Best place for a movie area is the basement of the observatory. It's already prepared for that including working furniture.
It truly is an awesome city. I used it way back learning on simonastick, and LOVED IT. Limitless possibilities with this jewel by Nebadon. I wouldn't change the layout of this city for anything. Only add to/ update it to give it more things to share with others. ^^ Thank you for the wonderful reply. :)