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Phantom Rose Welcome

Phantom Rose Welcome
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Lannorra Sion
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11 months ago
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Welcome region for the Phantom Rose Grid. non-commercial grid that has many unique freebies, hunts and Adventure Quests! Phantom Rose originated in SL from 2007 to 2015, at Inworldz from 2012 to 2017, and now a stand alone Grid! Bringing all your favorite unique Phantom Rose regions into one place. Take a trip thru time and fantasy. Mermaid Grotto, Mer playground, Free Fins by Lannorra, plus gifts and freebies. Come experience the intrigue and romance of Phantom Rose. (discord for grid voice: https://discord.gg/RNERTbQv)

Phantom Rose Grid turns 3 years old! Presents new Musical Vignette at the Welcome Region Opera House. New Blog Post:
Once again, the Phantom Rose Grid Welcome Region is a great destination for the Holidays! Skate Mountain has a free Photo op with Santa for Christmas 2021! You will also find Lannorra's auto skater for hands free skating with friends! Hot chocolate, free skates and joyful Holiday music. If you are feeling romantic, do not miss Swan Lake with a free skate area, along with couples sits and photo ops. And like most regions on Phantom Rose Grid, there are free gifts for guests to find. Pick up the Free Gifts notecard for locations. :)
Phantom Rose Grid has extensive underwater features for Mer folk. At welcome area, take the regional TP to Grotto. From there you can travel thru the grid underwater, via the Mer Portal. Phantom Rose Welcome has free fins made by Lannorra and a Mer Playground with merry-go-round (original by Bad Katz and customized by Lannorra), swings and a treasure chest to find. Each region on the grid has its own unique mermaid area.

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Lannorra Sion Debra, The first freebie is a gazebo right next to the visitor landing area. If you keep walking the short distance to the Boutiques, there are shops right there, where all things are free. It is only maybe 30m from visitor landing. I am sorry I thought you were asking for my Steam Region.
Debra Ann Congi Sorry but didn't find any freebies as stated in your notecard.

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