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Passion Jumanji
I must say . . . you have some of the newest Athena fashions out there! I am STOKED! I'm loving on ya stores in here and have already brought in a couple of friends with me! I met this lady who came to visit our land and I liked her dress and she gave me the lm to here . . . am so very HAPPY that I came here to visit! Will come TONS more times and will invite more friends, too! ;) If I like a place, I let 'em know about it! Giggelz ;) If I don't like a place I either just don't go their no more and/or let 'em know about it too . . . depends ;) 5 STAR RATING GOES OUT TO YOU! ;) Thank you so very much for being one of those contributors who makes OS so much fun! TYSVM for all the freebies! Makes shopping so so much more fun! ;)

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Wonderful region! Seems to be updated regularly (every week? every two weeks?) with new outfits. Very friendly and helpful, too.

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